Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things...

Wow - this one is easy peasy :)  I love lists...
  1. Molly's smile and laugh
  2. Waking Molly up - the absolute best part of my day
  3. Molly's toes, fingers, booty, thighs, belly, chins, eyes (especially her eyes)...every.single.thing about her
  4. Rob's laugh
  5. The Beach
  6. Sidda...and, ok, I admit it, Buffett
  7. Emma's voice - especially when she says, "Tata, I love you."
  8. Little Brooke Bear
  9. Sitting on porches drinking cold "soda" in the fall and spring when there is a chill in the air and a bright blue sky (we call it soda in these parts...little ears have big mouths)
  10. my car...I am obnoxiously in love with Rosey the Tahoe
  11. Swinging on the front porch guessed it!  Molly :)
  12. Drinking coffee on the screened in porch early in the morning at the lake
  13. Spending time with old friends that I don't see often enough
  14. Cooking a really yummy meal completely from scratch
  15. Baking birthday cakes for my Emma...and this coming year for my Molly Moo and Brookie Bear :)
  16. Having my house filled with the people I love and who are most important to us
  17. Being the hostess
  18. Christmas - the most wonderful day of the year
  19. My engagement and wedding reminds me of the hottest day of the year back in 2004 when Rob and I said our vows...and of how far we've come. 
  20. Nursing Molly
I told you that one would be easy for me.  No kidding, I wrote that post in 3 minutes.

In other news, I was the 12th (wo)man selected for a jury today!  Lucky me :)  Mom and I made a dress for Molly yesterday, but it's a bit snug, so now it's for Brooke.  Molly's is already cut out and ready for me to work on!  I am so excited.  Yep, it's for Halloween.  Will she wear it October 1st?  Maybe :)  I also made her a UGA onesie this week....TO.DIE.FOR, at least I think so!  I love making things for my baby girl.  It is so fun.  I wonder if she will do the same for her babies one day?

I promise to post new pictures soon.  This whole being gone from the house all day is HARD!  I am not used to being gone all day since I work from home.  It makes it really hard to (a) spend time with my girl, (b) get any kind of dinner cooked (explaining the Panda Express bag in our garbage tonight), and (c) upload my pictures and get them on my blog :)

Good night all!

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