Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nanna!

Sunday was my Mom's birthday (and Father's Day).  I totally dropped the ball on making Father's Day a hit, boo me, but, I think we were successful in making sure Nanna knows how much she is loved.

Thank you for all you do for us, Nanna!  We couldn't make it without you!

My Molly Moo

For the past 6 months my Molly Moo has been adjusting to life as a family of 5.  She's no longer the only one...and that's a tough adjustment for anyone, much less a 2 year old.  I was 26 when my niece was born and would get jealous of my sharing my time with my Mom with my brand new niece.  Adjusting to no longer being the sun of every one's universe is tough.  At any age.  That being said, my girl has come A LONG way and has gotten there with as much grace as anyone could expect or demand.  I do think she mostly screamed the first 2 - 4 weeks of the babies lives...for sure when it was just me against and the kids.  I watch her interacting with the babies now and realize how very far we've come.  Those first 8 - 10 weeks were challenging.  I'd end up at Chick-fil-a at least once a week with all 3 in tow, and I'm sure there were people who thought I belonged in custody and my children with the state for getting those babies out so young, but, the 4 walls of our home became like prison walls some days.  As long as Molly was happy, we all were happy.  Luckily, by now, we've evened that back out to being if Mommy is happy, we're all happy :).

For all of the struggle and temper tantrums and adjusting, Molly has become this amazing big "sissy".  No one can compete with that girl when it comes to making "Brubby" and "Sissy" laugh.  She is the apple of their eyes...

Molly Moo, these days you constantly amaze me.  You are so smart, kind, polite and as big of a Pistol Pete as they come!

Some current Molly-isms:

  • You will currently sing your version of A-B-C-D, etc...and if anyone chimes in you will say - SSSHHH - and not sing again until we are quiet.
  • You know all of your colors.  When I say, "What color is Mommy's car?"  You say, "BACK!"  (We're working on L's ;))
  • You can count to 15 (or higher) and 5 is your favorite number.  You want FIVE of everything!  
  • You call yourself Monny.  Again, the L's have been a little tough :)
  • You call your Aunt Mandie "You-You" - we were going for Lu-Lu.  You-You it is, baby girl!
  • You say Marnin and Mannie for Marlin and Madeline.  You know their names but prefer to call them "Brubby" and "Sissy".
  • You say "Hold You" when you want to be held.
  • You have starting holding on to my legs and crying for me to Hold You...and while it melts my heart, it's equally annoying.
  • You are very polite - More chicken pease...or More Wa-Wa pease.  You are also very good at saying Thank you (you always tell Ms. Anita at the bank thank you for your lolli pop)  That's my girl!
  • Yesterday, we blew up your inflatable pool in the backyard.  When you discovered it, you made me feel like I gave you the moon.  
  • Sunday was Nanna's birthday and you sang to her with such happiness - it made us both cry.  We had a little party and you were so thrilled to celebrate her and sing to her.  
  • You LOVE your grandparents...and I'm so thankful you have them in your life.
  • You say "HURDY!  HURDY!" for hurry, hurry.  A-DOR-ABLE.
Some days, I feel like I tell you to "hold on" more than I want, but, I think you take it well.  I love you, my sweet girl.  You will always be my first baby girl and I am so thankful for you.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Molly's Motorcycle

A few weeks ago (or months...I really have no idea), Molly spent a few nights in Macon with Annie and T.  T spent who knows how many hours getting Rob's old motorcycle working...I think she liked it :).

But, I do think we will need to work on her driving skills before we hit the highways...

Madeline don't want no veggies....

Monday, June 4, 2012


Life is crazy.  It's loud, it's chaotic, we rarely ever eat a meal together anymore.  Our babies are 6 months old today (that is an entire post on its own)...and that makes Molly 2 years, and 8 days shy of 4 months.  Life has never been busier, or more hectic, or more sleepless, or more wonderful.

I must admit...a lot of days I am so tired I can't remember my name and I want to sit in a corner and cry and freak out about how I'm going to get everything done.  I've also recently been obsessed with (1) my weight, (2) food additives and their impending doom on the health of my family, (3) feeding my family a clean diet and removing as many preservatives and artificial food dyes, etc. from our diet, and (4) our budget and how it's a much skinnier budget than what we've grown accustomed.  This past week, I've decided...a girl can only do so much.  Life simplification efforts in full force!

  1. I'm going to feed my family as healthy as I can without completely driving myself mad.  Does that mean that Molly will occasionally get M&M's - yes.  Does that mean that I picked out the red and yellow ones today when she had them (you know, to avoid Red 40 and Yellow 5) - yes.  Neurotic much?  A little.  
  2. Did I also get her to eat grapes for snack?  Yes.  
  3. I can't stress about our budget and the smaller wiggle room than we previously had.  Can I continue to use coupons and stop purchasing non-essentials?  Yes.  
  4. Can I quit obsessing about the number on the scale and remind myself that I have 2 little people also depending on my body for nourishment?  Yes.  
  5. Can I make everything picture perfect 24/7?  No.  
  6. Will my house be spotless and  free of dog hair every day?  Nope.  Can I live with it?  Yes. 
  7. Will my children always be in perfectly ironed clothes?  No.  Is it OK to wear a wrinkled t-shirt sometimes?  Yes.  
  8. I also bought some disposable plates (*cringe* to my inner-environmentalist), but a dishwasher can only be loaded and unloaded so many times a week.  If the made disposable bottles, I'd be all over that one.
As we put the kids to bed tonight (and we are trying to sleep train the babies) we endured a mild amount of crying.  Marlin needed his sassy (pacifier) and a little extra loving.  Madeline needed some extra nursing and cuddles.  Molly wanted me to "Hold You" and "ROCK!".  Did I have 15 things I needed to do tonight before going to bed?  Yes.  But, then I reminded myself...soon, and sooner that I'd care to believe, my babies will no longer want me to rock them to sleep.  They won't need my help in soothing themselves to sleep.  The won't need extra cuddles or extra minutes of nursing.  They won't hug me tight around my neck and instruct me to rock them for 5 more minutes.

While I'm so thankful that we have AAA (it's saved my butt a few times), I'm most thankful that we are BBB.  Blessed.  Beyond.  Belief.

I constantly remind myself at how amazingly blessed we are and how, if I died tomorrow, you could bury me knowing that all of my dreams have come true...and are currently sleeping upstairs.