Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What? It's almost Fall??

I realize that this post is going to be obnoixously long and more full of pictures than any post I've ever seen, but, since I've had a baby book for Molly for 5 years and have never even written her name in it, I feel a burning need to document these quickly passing days and months SOMEWHERE :).

In December, Aunt Lori, Uncle Marlin and Ian and Taylor came to visit...and, we visited the ever greasy, totally yummy Varsity :)
Back in January, it looked like this outside:

And, this inside...
And, we took Molly to her first movie (Frozen, of course :))
Molly even got to go to a UGA mini-cheer camp (we are raising them right - GO DAWGS!):

In February, my Moo Moo turned 4:

In March, we went to Orange Beach to visit Marlin and Lori and the boys again :)
We also took Molly and Brooke to their first Gym Dawgs meet:
April was super busy with end of the year school parties and Easter and even some yard work...

May was super fun...the school year ended and we went to St. Augustine (for two weeks of wonderful!) with a quick day trip to Sea World...Oh, and we both got new cars!

In June we went to the beach again for a quick weekend trip and added this sweet boy to our family...

We spent a ton of time at our neighborhood pool during the Summer and enjoyed fireworks the Fourth of July compliments of our fun neighbor...and we went to see Disney Junior Live!  We love our neighborhood friends and hanging out in Dad's hammock...

August may have been our busiest month yet.  Molly started Pre-Kindergarten (be still my heart), the babies started 2 year old pre-school, both of the girls started Ballet, all three started gymnastics (no pictures because I have to participate with the twins...it's a hysterical disaster), went to UGA picture Day for our tradition of visiting Uga with Poppy Bear, rang the Chapel Bell on a random Sunday afternoon, went fishing at the lake, drove our Tractor, visited the Dentist, played dress up, decided to NOT share rooms any more (Molly moved back to her old room) and more.

A little yoga while we waited :)

All in all, the summer, let's be honest - this whole year, has been fabulous....and completely exhausting!!