Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sidda Dooley....

Tomorrow, it will be 4 weeks since we said goodbye to our first baby and very best friend, Sidda.  It's been probably 10 weeks that we learned one of her tumors was cancerous...and 16 weeks since we said goodbye to her brother, my sister's family dog, Baxter.  To love a dog, and have her love you, is truly a gift from God.  To love her, and watch her grow up with her brother, and to love him, too, is truly a major blessing.

We had been engaged for two months when I found Sidda in an AJC ad - there was a picture of these Lab puppies around a baby pool drinking water.  I saw her - she was the Fox Red lab - and, I promised myself - if I called and they didn't return my call with a half hour, if the red lab wasn't female, or, if she was sold, then, I wouldn't tell Rob that I'd even called.  I called.  Left a message.  They called back in 15 minutes.  It was a girl.  She was available.  We bought a lab that day.

My sister and brother in law were in Charleston.  They said we were *%&ging crazy and didn't need a dog.  They came home Saturday.  Stopped through North Georgia...and, almost brought the final two home.  They ended up just bringing one home...the Omega male.  They worried he was a dud.  We met at Mom and Dad's on Sunday.  He was most definitely not the Omega once he saw Sidda.  They went nuts - ran circles around the couch, pushed it off the wall.  We laughed until we cried.  Baxter was a Houdini - ALWAYS busting out of the kennel with no physical evidence of how he actually got out...but, he never really broke other rules unless Sid was there to convince him.  For example, Mandie and Brian bought a house with a koi pond....Baxter never got it in it alone.  However, if Sidda was there...homegirl would sail right in and he'd totally follow her.  Poor Koi.  Mandie and Brian eventually got rid of the fish and filled in the pond.  Totally for the girls to have a playground, promise. Not because my dog taught their's how to jump in and chase fish, I'm sure :)

Sidda was a loyal, loving friend.  She only ate a handful of my favorite shoes :).  She had ears made of velvet.  She was a great sand digger on the beach, and, always got us hollered at for pooping in the ocean.  She loved car rides, peanut butter sandwiches, tolerated all of our children climbing on her and riding her like a horse (nieces included), loved swimming in the lake, jumping off the dock, sleeping in our bed, and, when that got too tough, sleeping next to me.  She despaired with me and mourned with us the loss of pregnancies and infertility.  She followed me for 38 weeks straight, twice.  She loved our babies and was the very best nanny to them - I know she'd have figured out how to fly with them if Peter Pan ever showed up.

Rob and I were with her until the very end.  I held her until after she met my Grandfather in Heaven (on his birthday) and her brother, Baxter.  I am certain they shared cake and tennis balls and love.

She was and is so loved.  She is so missed.  Rest easy, my Sweet Sidda.  We will miss you until we meet again.

(Picture overload, and in no particular order)

My 30th - Rob sent me on a scavenger hunt, and, it ended with the dogs and a ring.

Favorite Halloween Costumes - these started before babies and were an annual favorite with the kiddos, too.

Painting Molly's nursery!

Meeting Molly!

Molly's First Easter.

Playing with Baxter at our condo in Atlanta.

Rob thought it was funny to put the dogs in my panties :)

Love from Emma.

First snow in Athens.

One of Molly's weekly photo shoots :)

Sprinkler time with Madeline.

I think this was riding in the car???

Molly's first snow!

This.  A boy and his dog.

One of our Christmas cards before kiddos.  Still one of my favorite pictures.

Likely, Sidda's first trip to St. Augustine.  We have so many precious pictures of her from this trip.

Buffett's first night at home.  Boy, was Sidda thrilled :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I tried to blog from my phone on my birthday, but, I'm 38 and I just don't do that kind of technology

HA!  I love my title. 

Honestly, I did try to blog from my phone on my birthday.  It's not because I'm 38 that the technology didn't might've been the wine, more likely, it was that you can't really type a blog post from your phone.  I'll just leave that right there.

We have finally (KNOCK ON WOOD - QUICK) recovered from our illnesses that have plagued us since the week before Halloween.  If it wasn't strep or a cold or sinus was something else.  I've about had it with antibiotics and treatments.  I love LOVE LOVE our pediatrician, so, I could go see her everyday, just to convince myself that she is my friend...hahahaha.  No, seriously.  She's amazing.  Her friends are so lucky to have her. 

We have survived the major birthday season of our year (Nov. 15, 30, Dec 4 and 4 - Molly is our outlier in February (LUCKY GIRL!)).  We are about ready for Christmas.  School is out on Friday.  It's busy, busy around here.  It's wonderful.  The kids are so much more "in" to the holidays this year - helping decorate (albeit driving me crazy until I cave and let them put 37,000 ornaments in the same square foot of the tree), helping with making birthday goodie bags, helping stuff Christmas cards, label them, and stamp them.  It's definitely fun to see the magic through their eyes - the help is the cherry on top!

We went to Disney World over the Thanksgiving break - it was AMAZING and EXHAUSTING and EPCOT is not for our family - hahahah!!!  We also learned that Mommy and the kids cannot stay at Magic Kingdom until midnight and then go to Epcot the next morning.  Nope.  Maybe we will go when they are 21 and we can do the drink around the world thing.  It was not our finest day at Disney :(.  We did thoroughly enjoy Magic Kingdom (OF COURSE!), Animal Kingdom, and we all LOVED Hollywood Studios (well, except that one Star Tours ride that made me and Rob so motion sick we thought we'd puke for the next hour).

Here's to a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  So very thankful that unto us a child was born!  God is so good.  May he bless you all.