Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Day

We went to Rob's parents lake house for Labor Day.  We drove in on Thursday night and stayed until Monday.  It was such a fun mini-vacation!  This was Molly's second time visiting the lake, but the first time she could play in the water and enjoy a boat ride!  She loved every minute of it!!

30 Day Blog Journal

Errr...more like a million day blog journal.  C'est la vie!

Day 16 - A song that makes you cry (or nearly) - Easy peasy...Amazing Grace.  Any version.  Anytime of day.  Any event.  Any season.

Day 17 - An Art piece
Interesting topic.  I like art.  I enjoy funky little pieces to place around our home.  I like knowing the person who painted it.  I like artwork that has meaning to me.  One of my favorite pieces we have at our home was painted by my sister's friend and is hanging over our mantel.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 15 - My Dream Home

I've resigned myself to being behind in the 30 day blog journal.  My 30 days might last 45.  Oh well.  I'm on day 15 bloggy wise...not calendar wise.  So, here goes :)

Our Dream Home -

We've actually talked about this one a lot.  A LOT.  I don't have a picture, because I'm not sure this home exists.  A list of wants for the dream home:
  • A farmhouse sink
  • LAND - at least an acre
  • A pool or pond...or on a lake
  • I'd like to buy an old farmhouse and re-do it...that may or may not be possible.  If not, I'd at least like for it to LOOK like it was once a farmhouse...a big porch and lots of tall windows.  A tin room on the porch.  A long(ish) driveway.  Big trees.  Getting an idea?
  • 2 closets for the master bedroom.  Preferably, with a deadbolt on mine with only one key for me :)
  • A basement
  • A guest bedroom on the main floor with a full bath.
  • A big kitchen with a "bar" for stools and a big window or bay window near an eat in kitchen table.
  • A big, fancy dining room
  • A family room with lots of room.  (See yesterday's post - I like to be the hostess AND I don't ever want an empty house...)
  • Lots of windows
  • A screened in porch
  • 3 or 4 bedrooms upstairs, with at least 2 bathrooms upstairs
  • A big mud room
  • A nice big laundry where I can also have a present wrapping/craft station
  • A cute little room where I can sew
  • A playroom/media room where I can decorate it straight up PB Kids style
  • A workroom/separate garage where Rob can have his tools
  • A garage big enough for both of our cars
  • A place where we can plant a garden
  • A fruit tree - don't care what kind...just want to grow some fruit :)
Lots of wishes there.  I want a place for Molly (and hopefully, her siblings) will always want to come home to, where they will think of when they think of "home" no matter how old they are, where they can come back to and know they were loved unconditionally and will always have a place.  Wait...I just want them to feel like that when they think of me :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

always, sometimes, never

I'm totally copying this from one of the cutest, sweetest bloggers I know, Amy.

I always...
enjoy too many french fries
cry too easily (with any emotion)
wear my emotions on my face
prefer a fountain Diet Coke over a can
smile when I think of Molly
melt when Molly looks at me and kicks her legs and smiles
want to do what is best for Molly
have wanted to have a big family
look forward to Rob getting home from work
love to hear Emma say, "I love you, Tata"
check in on Molly one last time before going to bed, even though I have a video monitor
tell my family I love them

I sometimes...
am too short tempered with my Mom and sister
seriously procrastinate
really enjoy cooking an entire meal from scratch
wear flip flops in the dead of winter with jeans and a sweater
don't get out of my pajamas
don't shower daily
do not enjoy trying to figure out what I should cook for dinner all week
am super excited at how much money I can save using coupons at the grocery
don't give Robbie enough credit
have a very messy car
sleep my very best during the day
need to remind myself at how truly blessed I am
have to pinch myself when I think of Molly

I never....
just really love to be alone
like to give up control
mind a day at the beach or the lake
get tired of anything Molly
stop missing my Grandparents
layout without wearing sunscreen
cease to nag Rob about sunscreen
enjoy Diet coke from a plastic bottle (2 liter or what have you)
have gone sky diving
have been embarrassed of holding my parent's hands in public
wash my hair everyday
want to have a quiet house
wanted to be a party of "just two" (I cried once at a restaurant when the hostess said, "Just the 2 of you?")
regretted my choice of University
am too proud to say I'm sorry (but sometimes too proud to say I was wrong)
cease to believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made

Day 13 & 14

A fictional book and a non fiction book, respectively.

A favorite fiction?  That is a tough one.  I enjoy reading.  Translate - When I pick up a book it's almost impossible for me to put it down.  I'll read until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, knowing full well that I have a job and a child to attend to the next day.  It's a blessing and a curse.

My all time favorite is Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya sisterhood.  I've already written about it here.  Afterall, we are all part of some sisterhood.

I read "Chasing Harry Winston" at the beach a few weeks ago.  It was a cute chic lit book.  I enjoyed it.  I wouldn't say it was a novel I could read over and over.  I was able to predict how it would end, but some days, that is just the right RX.  Living in an unpredictable world, sometimes it's nice to be able to forecast where *people* (yes, I know they aren't real) will end up.  If you want a quick read that is good for relaxation, I'd definitely reccomend it!

Day 14 - A Non-fiction

I must admit, I'm not a big non-fiction reader.  I try, I just prefer the stories.  I'm an ESFJ for any of you MBTI-ers aout there.  Over the past few years, I've read several non-fictions related to fertility.  Most were pretty dry and all "science-y" and I won't pretend that I read them cover to cover.  I did, however, read one book several times.  It's a memoir, I think that counts as non-fiction?  For all intents and purposes here, I'm going to count it as one.  I fell in love with Peggy Orenstein and her husband as they searched for a child of their own (be it biological or not).  Their story gave me hope and understanding during a time when I needed a ray of hope and some help in understanding our situation.  The book starts out with Peggy attending a Jewish ceremony of cleansing, forgive me, the actual name of the day escapes me.  I felt like reading their story was cleansing for my own soul.

Day 12

I can not seem to stay true to my declaration that I am going to blog daily.  Here's to one more try and to catching up.

Day 12 - Something I am OCD about

If the subject was "Something Rob is OCD about" this post would be PAGES.  HA!  My sweet love, he likes things done a certain way.  To the point that I'll clean and he will clean behind me.  Sounds like a good excuse for me not to clean, don't you think?  As for myself, these days, I'm just grateful things get done.  Mom helps with the laundry and cooking when she is at the house and Ann, my mother in law, God bless her.  She just about spit shines the house when she is in town.  MC, the Nanny, she helps with the dishes in the sink and folds laundry sometimes.  I used to like the towels folded just right.  Now?  Oh, they are clean?  SUPER!

Things I continue to be OCD about -
  1. My laundry room - I like it to be decorated (hence, the purchase of a new light fixture last weekend).  The laundry was one of the first rooms we painted after moving in and it's seen a few makes overs in the past 5 years.  I'll have to dig up my pictures and post them.  I like the washer and dryer to be clean and I *prefer* there to not be anything stacked on the dryer.  I like my baskets just right on the shelves and the hangers is some semblance of order.  Once the hanging clothes are dry, I like them put away (unless they are Moo's, then, I just like to see her tiny little clothes hanging there).
  2. The trash can - I like the lid to be clean of any debris.  I Lysol wipe it pretty regularly.  It's white and I like it to stay white.
  3. Mom would say I'm OCD about changing Molly's diapers.  I just think if it's at all wet, it should be changed.  Would you want to sit in tee tee?
  4. My diaper bag- it may look like it's a mess to you, but it's the way I like it.  Please do not try to organize it for me.  Also, please leave the sleeve of diapers in my car.  They are my back up. :)  (Can you tell these things have happened?)
That's about it.  I'd say I've simmered down in my old age...Rob would disagree and say I'm as controlling and anal as ever.  Must be the accounting degree....