Saturday, September 4, 2010

always, sometimes, never

I'm totally copying this from one of the cutest, sweetest bloggers I know, Amy.

I always...
enjoy too many french fries
cry too easily (with any emotion)
wear my emotions on my face
prefer a fountain Diet Coke over a can
smile when I think of Molly
melt when Molly looks at me and kicks her legs and smiles
want to do what is best for Molly
have wanted to have a big family
look forward to Rob getting home from work
love to hear Emma say, "I love you, Tata"
check in on Molly one last time before going to bed, even though I have a video monitor
tell my family I love them

I sometimes...
am too short tempered with my Mom and sister
seriously procrastinate
really enjoy cooking an entire meal from scratch
wear flip flops in the dead of winter with jeans and a sweater
don't get out of my pajamas
don't shower daily
do not enjoy trying to figure out what I should cook for dinner all week
am super excited at how much money I can save using coupons at the grocery
don't give Robbie enough credit
have a very messy car
sleep my very best during the day
need to remind myself at how truly blessed I am
have to pinch myself when I think of Molly

I never....
just really love to be alone
like to give up control
mind a day at the beach or the lake
get tired of anything Molly
stop missing my Grandparents
layout without wearing sunscreen
cease to nag Rob about sunscreen
enjoy Diet coke from a plastic bottle (2 liter or what have you)
have gone sky diving
have been embarrassed of holding my parent's hands in public
wash my hair everyday
want to have a quiet house
wanted to be a party of "just two" (I cried once at a restaurant when the hostess said, "Just the 2 of you?")
regretted my choice of University
am too proud to say I'm sorry (but sometimes too proud to say I was wrong)
cease to believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made

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  1. i love this! i was thisclose to saying "i never wash my hair every day" but i was too afraid of the judgement - haha! :))
    btw, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the fancy pants - they are PRECIOUS!!
    thank you!