Friday, June 25, 2010

On the move!

Molly rolled over today from back to front and front to back! She's been working on it for days...maybe a couple of weeks.

First roll over:

You're surprised?!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

4 Months Old!

Molly is already 4 months old! Can you believe it? I know...I can't either!

4 month stats:

Length - 24.75 inches - 66th percentile

Weight - 14lbs 5.5oz - 63rd percentile

Head circumference - 16 inches - 38th percentile

Diapers - size 2 (OMG!!! Size 2 already!!)

Clothes - 3 - 6 months

Sleep - 3 naps per day - 1 hour to 2 hours each

Bedtime - 7 - 7:30PM - sleeping until 1:30 or sometimes until 3:30, then back to sleep until about 7-7:30AM.

Eating - Molly eats about every 3 hours...she is exclusively breast fed, but we now give her a bottle of breastmilk and rice cereal before bed. I thought it might help her sleep longer...but, the jury is still out on that. I'm going to keep it up for now, though.

Fun Facts about Molly to date:

We are almost rolling over!!! She can get all the way over except her shoulder...she can't quite figure out what to do with her arm that is on the floor. I'm sure she will figure it out sooner rather than later, though. I have a feeling that once this girl figures out how to get around, we are never going to get to sit down again! At dinner, we've always put Molly in her bouncy chair on the table with us...but, we are quickly outgrowing that, as well. She does enjoy the bumbo, so that might become our new fixture on the kitchen table. She is sort of "over" the swing...but, it makes me sad to think about putting it away. She is OBSESSED with the jumparoo. I am talking....O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D. Our friends Shanna and Jed loaned this to's worth it's weight in gold. I need to take some video and post it for you to see. She still loves the bath tub and has enjoyed the pool the few times we've ventured up there with her. Our baby is definitely a water baby! Molly wakes up with a smile on her face and smiles and laughs all day long. She is the most good natured baby I've ever had the pleasure of raising :)! Oh, wait...she's the only baby I've ever had the pleasure of raising...

She is "talking" all of the time now and thinks it is fun to make the "O" sound and shape with her mouth. It is soooo cute! Often times, she will start yawning mid-"O". She laughs out loud when you blow rasberries on her stomach and at her Pop (my dad). He's the first person she laughed out loud with!

She is a CHAMP at going down for naps and to bed...we practice self soothing in these parts and she is wonderful! We have a book, song and bed...and sometimes her Nanna cheats (totally kidding, Mommy!) and just tells her a story on their way upstairs and she still goes right to sleep (I tease my mom about this...). I'm so proud of her for going to sleep so great...I'm probably crazy, but it makes me feel like she feels secure. She knows we will be back for her when she wakes up...and that she is safe in her crib to just drift off to dream. She will probably totally fight me on naps in a week for saying that! Ha!

Today I had a dentist appointment and "Co-Co" kept her. (Co-Co is the lady who will be her Nanny 2 days a week starting in August...and no, that isn't her real name...). I digress. Anyway, Co-Co kept her and when I got home Molly didn't get upset, but, she definitely reached for me. It ROCKED! It made my day!

Here is Molly with her dog, Rags on her 4 month birthday...

What? You are surprised at how cute I am???

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Year Ago Today

As many of you know...or maybe don't know...Molly is our IVF miracle. She's the answer to many, many prayers and our personal slice of heaven. Every baby is a miracle...ours just took a while in the making.

This morning (5AM) as I was nursing her, I realized that a year ago today was our egg retrieval that resulted in our pregnancy with her. Today's June 1st is quite different from the June 1st of 2009. I am actually more emotional about it as we hit the 1 year mark of our conception and the long awaited 2 pink lines. What a difference a year can make...

A year ago my blog post read:

I have a funny feeling...and I think it's Hope creeping back in. I thought she'd long since abandoned me...given that I haven't seen a glimpse of her in what feels like months. But, I think she may be slowly trying to edge back into my life. I must admit, I would prefer to keep her at bay and protect my damaged-enough-already heart...

So far, we've had decent, dare I say good, fertilization reports. I'm starting to *hope* that we will maybe have 1 or 2 to freeze.Its been strange not talking incessantly about this cycle with my friends. However, its been a nice break for my heart. I've just been coasting through, kind of in denial that its even been happening. I sit here now, on pins and needles (and a heating pad), waiting for more news. *Hoping* that month 30 of this journey, in my 30th year, will bring us the miracle we've been hoping for all along.

My favorite moments with Molly are those like this morning...where we are together in the quite of the hours before dawn, just the 2 of us. My heart melts when she puts her tiny hand on my breast as she nurses. She'll sometimes look up at me - mouth full - and smile while nursing. It's those moments that make the journey through infertility seem so far away and ease the pain that consumed those years.