Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting so Grown...

Alas, my babies are growing up too fast.  Everyone says that...and until you are a parent you think it's something cheesey that people who are getting old say.  And, then, BAM!  It's you that's getting old and it's your children who are racing through their days and growing right before your eyes.  Yowza.  I  remember my grandparents saying they wanted to put a brick on our heads to keep up from growing so quickly.  Granny, once again you are correct.

The babies have discovered dress up with Molly:

Poor Marlin...he wants to do what his sisters day, he will figure it out :).

Madeline is the best sleeper.  Marlin is the most laid back.  Molly has personality that just won't quit.

"School" starts back on Monday.  The babies will go on Mondays and Wednesdays and Molly is going 5 days again.  It's only 9 - 12, but, I think (1) they need the interaction and (2) they need the time away from me to know they can survive this big bad world without being on my hip.

Molly has started this being scared to go to sleep stuff, and it's unchartered territory with us.  All of them are good sleepers and have always gone right to bed.  It could be because I'm a "Babywise" follower or just that they are pretty perfect...we will never know :).  It is frustrating, though, and tiring since she gets up in the middle of the night.  Hopegully, it's a stage that we are getting through quickly. Oh, and Molly calls her forehead her "head fore".  Please, no one correct's so sweet and I love it.  If she still says things funny like that when she's leaving for college, well, maybe I'll bust out the correct words to her then :).

Madeline has decided that she wants to do EVERYTHING that Molly does.  Like, screaming at gymnastics for 20 minutes because she couldn't do it, too.  This fit was so bad that eventually my friend was all, "How about you give me Molly's carseat and I'll bring her on home and you can go ahead with the twins".  Ha.  Being the youngest, I remember the days of wanting to do everything Mandie did and being so upset when I wasn't old enough or tall enough or whatever enough.  Poor, poor Pixie.

Marlin is so funny and chill.  He is the first to wake up every morning.  We spend our time together laying in bed and watching a show (currently, he LOVES the movie CARS) and laughing and drinking milk.  I've said it a million times...but, man.  I never knew I could love a boy like I love him.  It's so funny to me how much of a boy he is when he's surrounded by his sisters and princesses and he finds the few boyish toys and goes about his business making car noises (where did he learn that?).  Clearly, he still gets involved in the princess activities, but, he really loves rocks and cars and trucks and everything you think of that boys love.  Luckily, our neighborhood is under construction and he can watch dump trucks and back hoe things a lot.

Our neighborhood pool recently opened (like, last week on Tuesday recent).  I never imagined how much we would enjoy it.  We go essentially every day except Wednesday because of gymnastics.  We went twice on Friday.  It's nothing extravagant - just a pool - but,'s amazing!

Molly is a total fish and Marlin LOVES the water.  Madeline is the least sure of the lot, but, she's warming up...and, no doubt, by next summer she will have no fear like the rest.

We are obsessed with boo-boos and it's really pretty sweet (except when they are crying because they have a 5 day old scrape and need 77 bandaids for it :)).
Overall, life is pretty exhausting, but, we are abundantly blessed and I wouldn't trade it for the world.