Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Lately, we have been running around crazy like normal.  And, like normal, the blog is always the lowest on the list.  We've had lots of fun, though!  We went to the beach in March for a quick visit to see our Uncle Marlin and Aunt Lori.  We celebrated Miss Molly Moo turning FOUR (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??) in February, which still needs documenting.  We took Molly and Brooke to their first Gym Dawgs meet (we stayed the WHOLE TIME!!).  We stay busy in these parts of our tiny little world.

One major change we've made is that everyone decided to give up their cribs (read: Marlin and Madeline learned how to jump out of their cribs and quietly make their way downstairs at 4AM and scare us to death). Molly had been in a toddler bed for almost a year and the twins just weren't adjusting as quickly or as well as we'd hoped to the toddler beds...so, we decided to make the leap.

What?  This isn't what a successful nap at your house looks like??

Three twin beds.  Molly had been saying for a while that she wanted to sleep in their room and Madeline and Marlin were quickly on board with that plan.  At least, that's how I see it.  Rob probably sees it more like how the two embryo situation went down a few years ago in Dr. Kort's office, but, that story is for another day :).  Anyway, the decision was made, the beds were ordered, bedding was purchased.  Pretty sure that essentially everyone agreed that we had officially lost our minds this time (except Momma), but, the beds arrived and we lined them up in the bonus room and set out on a new and fun journey.

The first night went surprisingly well.  And, to be honest, we haven't had too many just terrible nights where we both were up in the middle of the night or up all night or whatever.  One night, Rob was out of town and Mom and I thought they were about asleep...we went downstairs and were sewing some pillows for my sister (she has new outdoor pillows and I still haven't made my own!).  I heard something at 10:30...oops.  Marlin was still awake, top light on, partying...girls were both totally OUT.  He was crying at the door because he had a yucky diaper.  Up until then, the boy had just been playing while the girls slept.  Another night, Molly woke up and Rob brought her downstairs.  She climbs in bed with us and still crying, tells me she has to potty and that's why she's crying.  Uhh...ever thought of just going to the bathroom??  HA!  Some nights are easier than others, just like everything in life.  The biggest pro to them sharing, for me, is that we have ONE bedtime routine.  No more juggling timing of when everyone goes down or feeling guilty for always putting Moo to bed and Rob putting the twins down, none of that mess.

Tonight was one of those nights where I was about to lose my mind...the babies were both SO TIRED and Molly would NOT SHUT IT.  Seriously, it was like she drank a cappuccino at 7:00.  She was dancing and showing me all of the "things she did today at gym" (not even sure they had gym today at school???).  Rob and I were just looking at each other like "What the hell has gotten into this kid??".  I am telling you - serious burst of un-ending energy.  I take them upstairs and we get everyone in bed.  The babies were so tired and immediately settled down.  I sang to them and we said our prayers and I told Molly I'd come back and check on them in 5 minutes.  Come on, you know you lie to your kids, too.  I get downstairs and we laugh at the amount of energy we just saw.  And, then we hear it.  Molly is talking..."Mar.  Mad.  Are you awake?  Look at me.  Turn your face to me."  Marlin obviously sits up and looks.  Madeline never even moved.  "Ok, I'm going to read you a story.  Keep your face to me....On the first day he ate through one apple and was still hungry."  (She's "reading" him Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar").  Marlin lays back down and Moo continues the story.  Seriously, nothing could have made me smile more or make my heart happier.  These are the sweetest moments.

These are the moments that make it worth it.  The night times that seemingly never end, and eventually do with something so sweet you think you might just completely melt.  The morning time giggles before they call for us.  I pray that they remember these times( like I remember sharing a room with Mandie) and are thankful for it.

In the midst of some really awful things happening in this world, my problems are quite small.  And, for that, I'm so thankful.  I pray my problems are always as small as someone not wanting to go to bed on time and of role changes at work that always cause me anxiety, but end up fine.  I pray for my friend who lost friends this weekend and got opposite news today than she wanted.  I pray for my friends who are going through situations I can't imagine.  I pray for this world who seems to be losing sight of our God and losing sight of morals.  I'm so very, very thankful that my three children are here...and healthy...and happy.  I pray that one day they can read this silly little blog and know how much they are loved.