Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So God made a Mother

I stole this from my sweet friend, Keri.  It totally made me cry and made my day.  I hope it encourages you, too.

Ann Voskamp had this take on the 'God Made a Farmer' commercial posted on her blog this morning. It made me think of all my mama friends - so blessed by you!
God said –
I need someone to get up at midnight and scoop the most fragile of humanity close to her warmth and rock though she can hardly stand and nourish though she’s mostly sleep-starved and change the diaper and the sheets and the leaked on, leaked through, and leaked down clothes though she’ll have to change them in the morning and next week and that won’t change for years.
So God made a Mother.
That God had said I need somebody with a strong heart.
Strong enough for toddler tantrums and teenage testing, yet broken enough to fall on her knees and pray, pray, pray.
Someone who knows that in every hard place is exactly where you extend grace, who looks a hopeful child in the eye and says yes, even though she knows every yes means a mess but this is how you bless, who has the courage to keep letting go because she’s holding on to Me.
So God made a mother.
God said I need somebody who can shape a soul and find shoes on Sunday mornings and get grass stains out of Levis.
And make dinner out of nothing and do it again 79, 678 times, and keep kids off the road and out of the toilet and in clean underwear and mainly alive though she’s mainly losing her mind and will put in an 80 hour week by Wednesday night and just do one more load of laundry.
And one more sink of crusted burnt pots.
And keep on going another eighty hours because raising generations matters and weaving families matters and tying heart strings matters and these people here matter.
So God made a mother.
It had to be somebody who could comb back pigtails and tie up skates just-right tight.
Who could pretend she remembered algebra and how to get home from here and that really, she was just fine, that it must just be the silly onions.
Somebody who would run for the catch, jump on a trampoline and play one fierce game of soccer and not give a thought to all those labors and her weak pelvic floor. Somebody who’d stay up late with a science project that never ends, who’d get up early for the game in the rain, somebody who’d wave at the door until the taillights were out of sight and still be smiling brave.
So God made a mother.
It had to be somebody willing to keep loving when it made no sense because that’s what love does.
Somebody who knew that patience is a willingness to suffer.
That joy is always possible because there is always, always something to be thankful for.
And that life is not an emergency but a gift — so just. slow. down. There are children at play here and we don’t want anyone to get hurt and the hurry makes us hurt.
Somebody willing to feed and lead, lay down her life and pick up her cross, give of her time because they have her heart.Someone who knows that we all blow it — and what matters is what we then do after.
Someone who could humble herself into the tender sorry that covers a multitude of sins.
And who’d bow her head at night over the girl asleep with the doll in the crook of her arm — and thank her Father for this hidden life that’s the turning gear for the a whole spinning world.
So God made a mother.

Wednesday's Quick Words

I need to commit to posting once a week.  This place is a mad-house....ALWAYS.  I am always thinking of what I'd like to blog about, but, mustering the energy to actually do it is harder than it seems. is a whole bunch of random-ness.

  • Marlin can't catch a break...poor little red head.  Croup, stitches, cold, ear infection.  Surely, the little guy will be free of any ailment soon!
  • Madeline is going to pay me back for every single minute I made my parents worry.  She lays in the floor flat as a board and screams if she doesn't like the response she garners.  I never knew tantrums like that really existed.  It's funny right now, but in a year, I'm sure it won't be.
  • All of my babies are total hams.  Whenever they see a camera, they say cheese.  Like...with their face all scrunched up and silly.  I'll have to post a picture from my phone of them.  So funny.
  • One day, I swear I'm going to post some house rules (mostly just to be funny and some to actually get a point across).  Some examples would be, but are not limited to:
    • If you are too lazy to take the trash or recycling out...DO NOT stack your trash on my counter.
    • Bottles and sippy cups should be fully dismantled before going in the dishwasher.  Likewise, they should be put back together before going back into the cabinet.  Stacking them on the counter isn't putting them away.
    • Opinions are like bottoms.  Every body's got one...few people want to see yours or hear it.
    • However, if your opinion is requested, by all means...let us hear it.
    • I know you might have done this before.  But, if you haven't noticed...these kids are mine.  So, back off and let me be their parent.
    • If I'm around...I'll discipline my kids.  Thanks for your help, but, I've got this.
    • If you aren't paying for it...keep your criticism to yourself.
    • In this house, we say the blessing, please, thank you and I love you.  
    • We also scream a lot in the house - out of annoyance, happiness, etc.  We are loud.  
    • The dogs were here before you.
    • Shoes are ALWAYS optional.
    • Pants are not (unless you wear a diaper...then pants are optional)
    • There is an exception to every rule.  However, your pleas are not always the exception.  We reserve the rights as your parents or as the leaders of this house to determine exceptions.  They may not always be consistent and history does not a precedent make.  Take note.
    • In this house, we do not play favorites.  (Unless, you are being the most well behaved child...then you are my favorite :) ).
  • Sometimes I feel like Molly gets a lot of my emotions on the blog.  That does not mean that I am not superbly emotionally attached to Marlin and Madeline.  There is something about the emotions of your first born that make me especially nostalgic.  Maybe it's because she ended one chapter of our lives and started another.
  • A lot of times I feel like the twins get more daily attention than Molly.  That may be because they are younger, because they are 2 people, because they are so ridiculously cute or because Molly is so ridiculously cute and a bit more independent.  Either way, I always try to give the same attention to them all.  Mommy guilt is awesome.
  • Madeline is only the baby by 1 minute.  None the less, she's my baby...with all the rights and privileges attached to that spot.
  • Marlin is my boy...with all the rights and privileges attached to that spot.
  • Molly is the get it.  They all hold such special and different pieces of my heart.  And, they all push different buttons.  All in all...we are pretty screwed when they are teenagers.
  • I feel like I'm a pretty nice and easy to get along with kind of girl.  However, you mess with my kids...I'll go 7 kinds of bat-shit crazy on you.  Don't believe me?  Try it.
  • I'm over protective and I get it honest.  Ever met my father?  It's not you that I don't's everyone :).
  • Molly has started gymnastics.  She LOVES IT.  I'm so glad we've done this for her.  She is also the youngest in her little class, and I'm so proud of her - she totally hangs with the 5 year old!  She must get it from her momma ;)
  • I'm pretty sure Madeline will be a long distance runner...if her constant motion and lap running around the house is any indication.
  • I've started the couch to 5K craze with my friend.  I kind of love it.  Even though my right hip stays so sore that I limp sometimes.  Getting old is pretty awesome.
  • Kids who sleep all night are awesome.  Sometimes, when I think maybe we should have one more...I think about sleep and being able to sleep all night.  
  • I still sometimes think we should have one more.  There are maternity clothes that I physically cannot part with.
  • I think my Mom would quit her babysitting job with me if I did.
  • Having a wood burning fireplace ROCKS.  I never knew how much I'd like that aspect of our new home!
  • I took Molly to a wedding in December.  I am not usually a dancer...especially without a cocktail in my hand.  Who knew being a parent made you not care how stupid you look?  Molly is still talking about it and asking to go to a "marry" again.  So fun.
  • We've started going to a new church.  I totally cried the first time we left the twins in the nursery.  They never even looked back.  Gotta love well adjusted second (and third!) borns.  I mean, they could have at least pretended they were gonna miss me, right??
I think I've exhausted my bullets...and my sarcasm for the night :).  Wow...two posts in one week.  I'm getting crazy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Today, my Molly Kate is 3.  T-H-R-E-E.  Wow.  It seems like yesterday and it seems like a lifetime ago.  I can't remember life before her and question was that really life or just a holding pattern that brought us to parenthood?  A really sweet friend sent me a text last night - it read, "Happy Birthday eve to Molly!  Can't believe she is turning 3!  Still remember the sunny day you told us while playing corn hole at the Sikes!".  It's the tiny details like that, where you were when you told specific people that we were actually going to be parents, that make you hit your knees and thank God for the amazing blessings he has trusted you with.  We have come so far in 3 short years.  Three years, three babies, a new job, a new home, 2 different cars, and the most amazing life we could dream of.  Some days are long, sometimes there are a lot of tears (and not just from babies), some days there are short tempers (again, not just from babies), every day there are pleases, thank yous, giggles, hugs and praises.  Do not be fooled, it isn't all unicorns and rainbows here...but, I'll take all of this craziness over anything this world has to offer!

Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet girl.  You are such a light in my are so kind to your friends (and sometimes your siblings :)), you are polite - always quick with a "Thank you" and lately, a "Thank you so much!".  You are quick to tell others you love them and give the best hugs.  You love the Lord, and love to sing about him - Jesus loves me, Go tell it on a Mountain, saying your prayers, singing the blessing.  You love being around people, going to gymnastics, the Waffle House, Chick-fil-a, chicken nuggets in general, jumping (if only your Dad would let me get yall a trampoline!!), running, being outside, going on walks, reading, Dora (lately), Georgie (Curious George), everything.  You are a complete joy to be around, even when you pitch a fit.  I love you, BIG AS THE SKY!  I pray you always enjoy life as much as you do today.  I pray you hold fast to your beliefs and are not easily swayed by others.  I pray you see more sunshine than rain.  I pray when things get tough, which they will, that you will always look to the Lord for guidance and trust in Him.

You are wonderfully made.