Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Today, my Molly Kate is 3.  T-H-R-E-E.  Wow.  It seems like yesterday and it seems like a lifetime ago.  I can't remember life before her and question was that really life or just a holding pattern that brought us to parenthood?  A really sweet friend sent me a text last night - it read, "Happy Birthday eve to Molly!  Can't believe she is turning 3!  Still remember the sunny day you told us while playing corn hole at the Sikes!".  It's the tiny details like that, where you were when you told specific people that we were actually going to be parents, that make you hit your knees and thank God for the amazing blessings he has trusted you with.  We have come so far in 3 short years.  Three years, three babies, a new job, a new home, 2 different cars, and the most amazing life we could dream of.  Some days are long, sometimes there are a lot of tears (and not just from babies), some days there are short tempers (again, not just from babies), every day there are pleases, thank yous, giggles, hugs and praises.  Do not be fooled, it isn't all unicorns and rainbows here...but, I'll take all of this craziness over anything this world has to offer!

Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet girl.  You are such a light in my life...you are so kind to your friends (and sometimes your siblings :)), you are polite - always quick with a "Thank you" and lately, a "Thank you so much!".  You are quick to tell others you love them and give the best hugs.  You love the Lord, and love to sing about him - Jesus loves me, Go tell it on a Mountain, saying your prayers, singing the blessing.  You love being around people, going to gymnastics, the Waffle House, Chick-fil-a, chicken nuggets in general, jumping (if only your Dad would let me get yall a trampoline!!), running, being outside, going on walks, reading, Dora (lately), Georgie (Curious George), everything.  You are a complete joy to be around, even when you pitch a fit.  I love you, BIG AS THE SKY!  I pray you always enjoy life as much as you do today.  I pray you hold fast to your beliefs and are not easily swayed by others.  I pray you see more sunshine than rain.  I pray when things get tough, which they will, that you will always look to the Lord for guidance and trust in Him.

You are wonderfully made.

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  1. Happy Birthday Molly! Tara you have such a adorable happy family. God bless you all.