Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 12

I can not seem to stay true to my declaration that I am going to blog daily.  Here's to one more try and to catching up.

Day 12 - Something I am OCD about

If the subject was "Something Rob is OCD about" this post would be PAGES.  HA!  My sweet love, he likes things done a certain way.  To the point that I'll clean and he will clean behind me.  Sounds like a good excuse for me not to clean, don't you think?  As for myself, these days, I'm just grateful things get done.  Mom helps with the laundry and cooking when she is at the house and Ann, my mother in law, God bless her.  She just about spit shines the house when she is in town.  MC, the Nanny, she helps with the dishes in the sink and folds laundry sometimes.  I used to like the towels folded just right.  Now?  Oh, they are clean?  SUPER!

Things I continue to be OCD about -
  1. My laundry room - I like it to be decorated (hence, the purchase of a new light fixture last weekend).  The laundry was one of the first rooms we painted after moving in and it's seen a few makes overs in the past 5 years.  I'll have to dig up my pictures and post them.  I like the washer and dryer to be clean and I *prefer* there to not be anything stacked on the dryer.  I like my baskets just right on the shelves and the hangers is some semblance of order.  Once the hanging clothes are dry, I like them put away (unless they are Moo's, then, I just like to see her tiny little clothes hanging there).
  2. The trash can - I like the lid to be clean of any debris.  I Lysol wipe it pretty regularly.  It's white and I like it to stay white.
  3. Mom would say I'm OCD about changing Molly's diapers.  I just think if it's at all wet, it should be changed.  Would you want to sit in tee tee?
  4. My diaper bag- it may look like it's a mess to you, but it's the way I like it.  Please do not try to organize it for me.  Also, please leave the sleeve of diapers in my car.  They are my back up. :)  (Can you tell these things have happened?)
That's about it.  I'd say I've simmered down in my old age...Rob would disagree and say I'm as controlling and anal as ever.  Must be the accounting degree....

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