Monday, June 4, 2012


Life is crazy.  It's loud, it's chaotic, we rarely ever eat a meal together anymore.  Our babies are 6 months old today (that is an entire post on its own)...and that makes Molly 2 years, and 8 days shy of 4 months.  Life has never been busier, or more hectic, or more sleepless, or more wonderful.

I must admit...a lot of days I am so tired I can't remember my name and I want to sit in a corner and cry and freak out about how I'm going to get everything done.  I've also recently been obsessed with (1) my weight, (2) food additives and their impending doom on the health of my family, (3) feeding my family a clean diet and removing as many preservatives and artificial food dyes, etc. from our diet, and (4) our budget and how it's a much skinnier budget than what we've grown accustomed.  This past week, I've decided...a girl can only do so much.  Life simplification efforts in full force!

  1. I'm going to feed my family as healthy as I can without completely driving myself mad.  Does that mean that Molly will occasionally get M&M's - yes.  Does that mean that I picked out the red and yellow ones today when she had them (you know, to avoid Red 40 and Yellow 5) - yes.  Neurotic much?  A little.  
  2. Did I also get her to eat grapes for snack?  Yes.  
  3. I can't stress about our budget and the smaller wiggle room than we previously had.  Can I continue to use coupons and stop purchasing non-essentials?  Yes.  
  4. Can I quit obsessing about the number on the scale and remind myself that I have 2 little people also depending on my body for nourishment?  Yes.  
  5. Can I make everything picture perfect 24/7?  No.  
  6. Will my house be spotless and  free of dog hair every day?  Nope.  Can I live with it?  Yes. 
  7. Will my children always be in perfectly ironed clothes?  No.  Is it OK to wear a wrinkled t-shirt sometimes?  Yes.  
  8. I also bought some disposable plates (*cringe* to my inner-environmentalist), but a dishwasher can only be loaded and unloaded so many times a week.  If the made disposable bottles, I'd be all over that one.
As we put the kids to bed tonight (and we are trying to sleep train the babies) we endured a mild amount of crying.  Marlin needed his sassy (pacifier) and a little extra loving.  Madeline needed some extra nursing and cuddles.  Molly wanted me to "Hold You" and "ROCK!".  Did I have 15 things I needed to do tonight before going to bed?  Yes.  But, then I reminded myself...soon, and sooner that I'd care to believe, my babies will no longer want me to rock them to sleep.  They won't need my help in soothing themselves to sleep.  The won't need extra cuddles or extra minutes of nursing.  They won't hug me tight around my neck and instruct me to rock them for 5 more minutes.

While I'm so thankful that we have AAA (it's saved my butt a few times), I'm most thankful that we are BBB.  Blessed.  Beyond.  Belief.

I constantly remind myself at how amazingly blessed we are and how, if I died tomorrow, you could bury me knowing that all of my dreams have come true...and are currently sleeping upstairs.


  1. Shannon HarshbargerJune 4, 2012 at 10:08 PM

    :-) Made me smile! And by the way, the older they get, the more they eat. We run the dishwasher AT LEAST once a day. Crazy!!!!!

  2. Love it...for many reasons...but mainly for making me and my craziness feel more normal. ;) Have a friend that just told me she is expecting twins (she's an identical twin and they think these are too) and she has a little girl Moo C and P's age...I'm going to send her your blog link if that's okay with you. She is freaking out just a little but I told her God only gives craziness to those He knows can handle it...or maybe he just wants a good laugh...or both. Love you.

  3. amen! so true! !i had to remind myself of this as libbi was screaming at me to "PRAY FOR ME BEFORE BED!!!!!!!" tonight. sometimes i just have to laugh at my life, but i'm so thankful for it at the same time. :)

  4. Do NOT freak out about your weight until you are done nursing. It will just add to your stress. Eat healthy, of course but don't try to drive yourself mad. My gosh, I cannot even begin to imagine your days (and nights)! And, the dishwasher, don't even get me started. Blaire about had a heart attack when she came to help after Kyle was born and I made her empty ours at least 4 times in two days! And, I wasn't even using bottles at that point. "Keep on swimming, keep on swimming..."

  5. What a great post! I love the last line!