Friday, August 20, 2010

30 day blog journal

I am soooo late to the game on this one, but I loved the idea, so I am starting it today, August 20th for the next 30 days!  I saw it first on my friend Amy's blog, but it started here.

Here is the list of topics for the next 30 days. (copied from Ecstaticaly Pregnant)

Day 1 (Aug. 20) - your favorite song
Day 2 - your favorite movie
Day 3 - your favorite television program
Day 4 - your favorite book
Day 5 - your favorite quote
Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things
Day 7 - a photo that makes you happy
Day 8 - a photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 9 - a photo you took
Day 10 - a photo taken over 10 years ago of you
Day 11 - a photo of you recently
Day 12 - something you are OCD about
Day 13 - a fictional book
Day 14 - a non-fictional book
Day 15 - your dream house
Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc)
Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding
Day 19 - a talent of yours
Day 20 - a hobby of yours
Day 21 - a recipe
Day 22 - a website
Day 23 - a youtube video
Day 24 - where I live
Day 25 - your day, in great detail
Day 26 - your week, in great detail
Day 27 - my worst habit
Day 28 - whats in my handbag/purse
Day 29 - hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 - a dream for the future  

So, feel free to go ahead and join me (late) to this 30 blogging!  Let the fun begin!

Day 1 -
My favorite song.  Do I have to pick just one?!  I love all kinds of music.  All time favorite....the song that keeps coming to mind is Bright Side of the Road by Van Morrison.  My friend, who is also named Tara, introduced me to this song the day of a college friend's funeral.  He has lost his battle with cancer.  I heard this song and knew that Brad was on the bright side of the road.  It's a very happy song.  It's in our wedding "montage" that was played at our rehearsal dinner. 

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