Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Tomb was Empty

What fun Easter was this year!  We celebrated with Easter Egg hunts at school and in our community, church and an afternoon at Nanna and Pop's house.  Molly learned about the story of Easter at school and we talked about it at home.  She and I have such sweet conversations before bed every night.  One of those this past week was about Jesus and the meaning of Easter.  I asked her what she had learned at school, etc.  She didn't have very articulate answers, for a three year old, I'm sure it's all pretty confusing.  Probably, she wants to know who this Jesus is and when can she see him.   As an adult, I sometimes struggle with those same types of questions.  We talked about how Jesus died on the cross and then came back to life...the tomb was that he can live in my heart, in your heart, in Daddy's heart, etc.  We talked about everyone's hearts that Jesus lives in...Nanna, Pop, Sissy, Brubby, U-U (my sis), Emma, Brooke, Annie, T, Sidda and Buffet.  I think those are all of the people and dogs she inquired about.  It's so sweet seeing the innocence of a child and seeing the world through their eyes.  On Monday, Molly told my Mom that "Jesus lives in my heart...and in your's too, Nanna."  I love that God-fearing baby girl.

Egg hunting was super fun and Marlin and Madeline enjoyed it, too.  Madeline was all about putting eggs in her basket!  Marlin liked it...but it looks like Madeline might have the stronger competitive gene.

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