Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 minute Tuesday

So much is going on these days and yet so little.  I literally only have about 10 minutes so I want to get it down.

  • My iPhone did something weird and wouldn't sync today, so I had to restore it.  That also meant that I had to delete a bunch of photos and videos so I had enough storage on my phone (only after uploading them to the trusty Mac, though!).  I couldn't resist and spent about 20 minutes looking through pictures and videos.  I can't believe what a baby Molly was when I got pregnant with the twins.  I thought she was so grown.  I'm glad that it's not too late for me to appreciate how little they are - all of them.
  • Molly still has her paci - only at night - and people might judge...and I'm sure have their own opinions about it.  Whatever.  The DR said as long as we get rid of it by the time she turns 4 that there should be no permanent damage to her teeth.  Its not like she's going to take it to college.  I sucked my thumb until I was in first grade.  I'm letting this one go.
  • Molly has discovered music and singing along.  Be still my heart.  It is so sweet.  Especially since her favorite song is James Taylor's "Go tell it on the mountain".  My Dad rode to school with us on Monday and totally cried when she was singing it.  He's a marsh-mellow, but it really is that sweet, too.  Her 2nd favorite (today) is Madonna's "Material Girl".  We are going old school here!
  • Madeline continues to be my little bully.  Dang that girl has some strong opinions.
  • My poor Marney...one day he's gonna stand up to those sisters of his.
  • Oh how we love being outside.  It is so wonderful to have children that love the outdoors...except when it's raining or cold and crazy windy.  My favorite is playing outside with those sweet babies of ours.
  • Sometimes I wish you could have an anonymous status update on Facebook   Today, mine *might* be - "If your stomach sticks out further than your boobs...you might need a boob job...or tummy tuck...or both."
  • Sometimes I wish my blog was a secret so that I could say things that I would otherwise not say.  In another life I had a blog that only a few people knew about.  It was refreshing to network in that anonymous blog world and have people encourage, offer advice, offer ass-vice, etc. 
  • I cannot spell anonymous.  Thank goodness for spell check.
  • Relationships are hard.  Marriage can be hard.  Life isn't supposed to be easy.  I get it.  But, it sure would be nice if life were easy, wouldn't it?
  • We have spring pictures on Friday.  I'm so excited.  I haven't had professional pics of Molly in so long.  Believe me, though, we have pictures of her :).  She hasn't gone un-noticed.
  • Madeline has like 10 teeth....Marlin has 4.  I'm not kidding.  I wonder if he will ever get teeth?  Although, he's been super cranky the past few days...maybe that's his problem.  
  • God I love that boy.  Seriously, never believed people when they said there was something about a boy and his momma.  
  • I have a cardinal that has been at my bird feeder outside of my office window for what seems like DAYS.  Basically, everytime I look out there he's hanging out.  He is so pretty and I love him.  God is a wonderful maker.
  • I am coaching my kids to marry people from Athens.  They will probably all end up somewhere crazy - three different places - all over the world.  Better start saving for airfare now.  Because when they call and ask me to be there, I'm gonna move heaven and earth if I have to.
  • I read a post today about a girl's grandmother and how that grandmother has translated a message from God for this girl.  It was heart-breakingly touching.  I lost my grandmother 20 years ago and my grandfather 21 years ago.  There isn't a day that passes where I don't think of them.  I hope my kids have the same (and MORE) memories of their grandparents that I have (and they are lucky because they have 4).  I also hope that they will one day realize how lucky they are to have them.
  • Being a parent is the hardest thing I've ever done.  We don't do everything right, I'm sure, but, we are doing it our way.  It's exhausting and sometimes just downright dirty.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Times up. 


  1. Oh lawd...I hope it isn't my boobs and belly...and goodness knows I want a lift and a tuck. Love these posts...unless of course you were talking about me. ;)

  2. Ha! I was talking about me :). XO