Monday, April 29, 2013


The babies have been growing and changing so much lately - all three of them!  It's crazy how slow some days are and how quickly the months are flying by.  Madeline has almost all of here teeth - except her k9's - but, that baby even has her first set of molars!!  Marlin has 4 teeth. action on that front.  They are both so smart - they definitely are following basic commands - like - bring Mommy your shoe, etc.  What can I say - they are geniuses.  Molly is speaking in paragraphs and singing...Lord, the child wants to hear "my favorite song and your favorite song and then my onney (other) favorite song".  I made a CD a few weeks back, and I'm surprised that it's still playing.  We listen to it on replay every time we get in the car.  I'm kind of tired of the Dixie Chicks "Earl" and Madonna's "Material Girl".  But, it's so fun to sing with her and listen to her...and what she "hears" in the songs - we never get all of the words right.  I know, I know..."Earl" is not exactly appropriate, since it is about permanently getting rid of an abusive husband, but, it's funny and we will just go with it.

We had Molly's end of the year program at school last week.  This is the first school program where she has seen me and not cried.  She are growing up so fast.  The theme was "Revival" and there is something about children singing traditional hymns that makes you cry.  I loved it and was so proud of her.

Rob travels some with his new job.  It's hard on me at night, and I had a melt down this weekend after being a single parent all week.  I don't know how people do it.  I'm so proud of him, though, his boss is already talking to him about a pretty significant promotion.  And, it gets easier every day with the kiddos - last week was uniquely tough because the twins are transitioning from two naps per day to one.  It made for some very grumpy evenings...with lots of tears, from all of us.

This week, I've decided to start writing down goals for the week.  This way, I can sort of hold myself accountable.  For a starting point, I have the following (I assume each week, I'll impose more difficult standards on myself :)):

  1. Exercise three times
  2. Monday - empty all the trash cans and get the trash to the curb
  3. Do not sweat the things you cannot change (this one is the hardest for me)
  4. Speak kindly.  Listen to your Granny - "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all"
  5. No fast food coffee or breakfast
We will see how my new accountability works.  I've been letting too many things that I have no control over ruin my days and consume my thoughts, in turn, ruining my attitude.  I'm trying to teach myself to let it go.  Somethings will never change and will always be hurtful to my heart.  I need to let it go and accept it.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow...I'm pretty much like a kid in a candy store excited.  These locks need some major TLC and since I tried to color it myself, because I'm an idiot, it looks pretty terrible.  I'm cheap and the past two years have been pretty hectic, so, Mom had started coloring it for me.  Note to self: there are professionals for a reason...and, life is less hectic now than the past 18 months have been.  Treat yourself once a quarter to getting it professionally done.  

I have several pictures and videos to post, but will have to do that from the other computer.  Our babies are growing so fast, I feel like I can actually seeing them growing if I look closely enough!!!

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