Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Dr. Kort...

Today begins "National Infertility and Awareness Week."  While I am *mostly* passed all of my infertility woes, those are some serious wounds that may never heal completely.  Infertility is something I would not wish on my worst's a battle unlike any I've ever faced...and one so similar and yet so unique to each person.  It's a "sisterhood" if you will, one that brought more tears to my family than anything prior, and one that has brought more joy to my life than I knew was possible.  Our precious doctor sadly passed away when I was about 6 weeks pregnant with the twins.  He is someone whom I think of almost daily and someone who changed our lives permanently.  For the hell we went through, I was so glad to have him by our side and I'm eternally grateful for his kind words, gentle bedside manner and frank advice.  Below is a letter to him that I was never able to write.

Dear Dr. Kort,

The twins are almost 17 months now and Molly is now a lovely little 3 year old.  It was almost 5 years ago that we first met.  It saddens me to know that you live only in our hearts now.

The twins were two of your last babies...Rita assured me that she had updated you of our double positive before you passed away.  I know that you were thrilled for us...but, that you would have been concerned for our health.  I also know that you took special care of us, because in the past 2 years I've  learned of more multiples with severe issues and really rough first months of life than I care to admit.  I'm continually reminded of how blessed we are.  Thank you is not adequate.

I knew, from the moment Rob and I first met you, that you were someone really incredible.  I called you our "Knight in Shining Armor" because I knew that you would find a way to bring children to our family.  Your bedside manner was the best of any doctor I've ever met or even heard of...and the patience you gave to each of us was incredible.  You tolerated my incessant questioning and my "Dr. Google" questions with more humor and compassion than I probably deserved.  To say that I appreciated your time spent with Rob and I would be an understatement.   

More than being thankful that our paths were able to cross, I'd like for your family to know that you are remembered and thought of constantly in our home.  There's not a day that passes that I don't think of you and your staff and appreciate my time spent at RBA.  It's seems remember with a grateful heart a time that was so very difficult in our lives.  However, time has dulled the pain of those days and in the trenches of motherhood, I can certainly say that the tears, procedures, shots, blood tests, all of it...was worth it.

Thank you for your contribution to our world...and for bringing such miracles into our lives.  Every child is a miracle... and, I'm so grateful that you had a hand in ours.


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