Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday's Quick Words

It's 10:18 on Wednesday, and all day I've been thinking about blogging.  I need a day just to post/edit/print pictures...and more walls than this house has to hang said pictures.  These moments are fleeting...and I keep saying, oh, tomorrow I'll blog about this...or document that.  So, instead, I'm going to just roll with my bullets and learn to love it.
  • We hit the pumpkin patch Sunday.  It rocked.  It was HOT...but, awesome.  We went for the 2nd year with Mike, Corey and Miller.  Last year I was pregnant with the babies...can't believe the difference a year makes.

  • The babies are both saying Mama and Dada.  Sometimes just babbling, sometimes it seems like they are really saying our names.  
  • They are both pulling up and couch surfing...both are starting to get brave and stand more on their own.
  • Molly is speaking in PARAGRAPHS.  Tonight, she said, "Daddy, don't take my book from me."  She is so articulate...and has such a broad vocabulary.  Clearly, she's a genius.  I wonder who she takes after? :)
  • She loves to sing...about everything...all.the.time.  It's awesome...and exhausting.
  • Living in  We love our house...our neighborhood...our town.  There was a greater plan for us, and it is very clear that this was the plan.
  • I have a new obsession for Kettle Chips Buffalo Blue chips.  It's terrible for the diet.  
  • We have 2 months until we leave for Key West.  The chip obsession is bad in so many ways.
  • The kids are going to be pumpkins for Halloween.  A pumpkin patch, if you will.  Best $60 I've spent all year.  It's gonna be adorable :).  
  • I'm not biased at all.
  • The new nanny ROCKS.  The children are all so happy with her...and she is AMAZE-BALLS with the house - helping me with laundry, dishes, changing the kids beds, the dogs, name it...she helps with it.  
  • We have pictures this weekend...first family pictures as a party of five.  Pumped.  We are also having pictures this weekend with bulldog puppies.  O.M.G.  I have such high aspirations for these.
  • I have a new found love for TV.  Holy relaxation.
  • My babies are almost 1.  Like, so close to 1 that we have invitations ordered and are planning their party.  Father Time...PLEASE SLOW DOWN.
  • I'm totally freaking out about my babies turning 1.  What am I going to do without any babies in my house?  
  • Molly is THRIVING at school.  THRIVING.  I was worried about sending her 5 days/week (9-12), but, she LOVES it and asks to go on Saturday and Sunday, too.  
Needless to say, we are loving this season of life.  The days can be long and challenging, but, are much more rewarding than challenging.  I lose my patience often, but, every single day I stand in awe and amazement and in constant gratitude that I'm blessed with these 3 crazy kids.  BBB.

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