Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 months in 10 minutes

Because, it seems like 10 minutes are the only minutes I can find these days.  I'd love to write a very thoughtful blog post about how I can't even believe that my babies are almost 1...and my big girl is almost 3. I'd really love to...but, by 8:00 every night when we finally have everyone tucked in and can shove some food into our mouths before our stomachs start growling loud enough for the neighbors to wonder what tigers we have living in our house, I can't hardly hold my head up, much less consider writing anything thoughtful...or thought provoking.  The twins are 10 months old...and that makes Molly 30 months old.  Be.Still.My.Heart.  It isn't all unicorns over here...we have our days where I count the minutes to nap...we yell...we cry...we have time outs.  For the most part, I go to bed every night so thankful for our crazy, insane, loud, exhausting life.  I'm in constant awe of the great responsibility God has trusted Rob and me with...and at the miracles before my eyes.

Molly is such a sweet, sweet sister and friend.  She is THRIVING at school and LOVES all of her teachers and friends there.  A few nights ago, I had *finally* gotten her to hadn't been a bad evening...I was just exhausted...and then, we heard her over the monitor.  I huffed and was so annoyed.  So, we turned up the monitor and listened.  I assumed she was just calling for one of us - she's getting really good at trying to stay up past bedtime.  My sweet girl was singing "Jesus Loves Me".  We usually sing it at night together, but, it's mostly me singing it to her.  I didn't know she'd gotten the words down.  Melt.My.Heart.

Sweet boy.  Our little red head...he has the sweet smile and laugh...and, unless he's hungry, he's happy-go-lucky.  For all of the first few months where he didn't eat/sleep well and made me want to cry/scream...he's made up for it in spades.  I never knew boys would be so sweet and fun.  He is crawling everywhere and totally couch surfing...and pushing the little walker toys around.  20.5 pounds of pure sweetness, that boy is. (Star Wars anyone?)

Our Perfect Little getting to be a PISTOL!!!  Don't get me wrong, she's still perfect ;).  Madeline is going to be my baby who likes to nurse and doesn't want to give it up...ever.  In the race for teeth, she's got Marlin 2:1.  She's a petite little thing (18.5 lbs)...and has more clothes than she could EVER wear.  Like Marlin, she's crawling, couch surfing and pushing toys around.  As good natured as she is, she is definitely expressing her opinions lately, too!

A few random thoughts...because what would a post be without bullet points?

  • I had an eat my words moment this morning, as I realized that Molly watches TV in the car...all the time.  Even if we are just running to the store.  Something I said I'd never do.  Ah, well...such is life.
  • The new house rocks.  I'm itching to get a can of paint and put some color on the walls.
  • Our new nanny is wonderful...we are all so happy with her (read, Molly is happy, which means we don't have any battles and that is the true test!!)!
  • Molly isn't interested AT ALL in potty training...some people are seeming judge-y about it...others agree that it's better not to waste our time until she's interested.  
  • Madeline doesn't like paci's...unless she's taking one from Molly or Marlin.
  • Living in a college town when you are in your 30s is funny...and sort of has induced an identity crisis.  I don't want to dress like I think I'm in college...or like I think I'm 50.  There is a delicate balance, and I'm looking for it.
  • It's been way longer than 10 minutes, and I gotta get my power point presentation finished.


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