Thursday, November 17, 2011


We had Molly's Thanksgiving Feast at her school yesterday.  I am so thankful for her teacher, Ms. "Pebby" and everyone at her school.  Molly LOVES going to school and loves her little friends there.  They had a man at the "Feast" who sang fun songs about Thanksgiving and the kids loved him.  We tried to get some good pictures, but we didn't want Molly to see us before his performance was over.  She would have wanted to be with us instead of enjoying this time with her friends and teacher.  Here are a few pictures of our baby girl "getting down"...the girl LOVES to dance.

In other news...we are 35 weeks today and the twins were measuring almost 6lbs (boy) and almost 5lbs (girl) last Friday.  They look perfectly healthy and wonderful...and CONTENT in their current residence.  Mommy is ready for them to come out...but, clearly, I want them to be healthy.  We'll try to keep them in as long as possible...and I'll probably complain and be thankful for each and every uncomfortable day.  My doctor didn't even want to see me this week. we are.  Huge...uncomfortable...and incredibly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Molly is so adorable! and way to go on getting 11 lbs of baby baked! That is so fantastic Tara!