Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We belong in the zoo...

At the end of March, we took the family to the Atlanta Zoo.  I wasn't sure what Molly might think of it...or if she'd be super interested for very long.  I forgot they had a lot of kid-friendly activities, like a train, carousel, play ground and petting zoo.  We are still watching Curious George goes to the zoo and talking about it over a month later....I'd say it was a hit!  It was a great family outing and something we are looking forward to doing again very soon!
 Getting everyone loaded up...
 Madeline is ready to go!

 Out and about!
 Looking at some "ducks" (all things that fly are ducks to us...)
 Marlin just chillin :)
 The Pixie getting sleepy...
 After lunch, we ran into our cousin, Brendan, who was on a field trip!
 First train ride!
 The babies got tired of waiting on the train.

 We belong in the jungle, too!
 Molly saying, "Have it?"  She really wants a bird...I mean, duck.  I mean...one of those things that fly!
 The cutest Meer cats ever.
 Don't you want to kiss those sweet lips???
 Having a finger sandwich!
 All done...loaded up and heading back home.

And...she's out.

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  1. all three of your babies are adorable!! love the last pic of molly :)