Monday, April 30, 2012

How did I get so lucky?

I cannot believe that my babies are almost 5 months old.  I honestly, though, am having trouble remembering life before them...or even those early days when Molly would stand in the kitchen and scream while I nursed them. time flies and erases those not so cherish-able moments.  The babies are really doing great.  We've started solids and they are (now) loving them!  Today, Mom fed them breakfast, lunch and dinner solids!  Let's see if they sleep all night - ha!  I won't be holding my breath!

I keep trying to think - 5 months ago, what was I doing at this exact moment.  Honestly, probably just complaining about how tired/uncomfortable I felt.  In all actuality, I had a wonderful pregnancy and not too much to complain about.  I do remember, exactly, what I was doing the day before they were born.  Hanging with my girl, my sister and my nieces.  What a glorious day that turned out to be.

I seriously could not imagine my life without these two miracles.  It's kind of become a joke about how many times we will get commented on while we are out (in one hour at BJs with my sister we got to 10)...and I'd rather people just give us a quarter instead of telling us "how full our hands are"...we'd be close to millionaire's by now!  If they only knew how full my heart was, they'd know it doesn't matter about my hands.  Being a mom, and being a mom to these three miracles, is more than I ever dreamed of...and more than I ever deserve.  Even nights like tonight, when Molly is a total grump and it's pure chaos just trying to get some kind of dinner shoved down...and everyone has some sort of little meltdown (well, except for Pixie...because you know...the girl is pretty perfect)...I don't know how I got so lucky.

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  1. Tara - I don't think I've ever shared this with you before are probably the most perfect person to have the role of "Mom". I've shared with you before just how happy my heart is to see you as a Mom - because I know you waited for so very long. Your journey to become a Mom and now as a mother of THREE, has had such a huge impact on me. I look up to you in so many ways. Just know that I think you're a fantastic mom and your kids are so very blessed that you're their mother. XOXO!