Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Three Babies!!!

What a whirlwind the past MONTH has been!  Our babies decided they wouldn't wait on anyone to decide when it was time for them to arrive...and came on their own late Saturday/early Sunday morning December 4th. 

The Story...
Mandie and the girls had come over to spend the day with me since Rob had to work and I didn't feel "right" all day.  I wasn't having contractions, but I just didn't feel good.  We went to mexican for dinner and Rob met us there.  Afterwards, we went home and put the Moo girl to bed.  I had a glass of wine (please don't judge) and went to bed early - about 8:30.  I woke up at 11:30 and 12:30 to go to the bathroom, but that wasn't unusual.  At 1:30 I woke up again and could barely stand up straight.  I went to the bathroom and barely made it back to bed.  I woke Rob up and his words were, "Maybe you should drink some water and lay down."  My response was, "You need to get in the shower, I'm calling the doctor.  Better yet, just brush your teeth and get dressed."  Obviously, the DR said for us to come on down, I called Marie Claude to come over to be with Molly and texted my Mom and sister.  This was it.  No sweaty armpits.  No anxiety.  It was just time.  We made it to the hospital in record time...Rod said he was doing about 90 the whole me, it felt like we were going 50.  My contractions were 5 minutes apart.  Let me tell you...I never went into labor with isn't fun.  When we got to the hospital, I stepped out of the car and my water broke.  Ok - not like in the movies where it splashes everywhere...but there was A LOT of water...and my pants were all "I just jumped in the pool fully clothed and my clothes are sticking to me" kind of wet.  Gross.  We slowly made our way to labor and delivery.  We checked into the hospital at 2:45AM.  Mom, Dad, Mandie and Ann met us at the hospital.  (Tom couldn't come because he was sick...which was sad to not have him there.)  It was kind of a whirlwind once we were there.  Nurses were in and out and our parents were in the room briefly.  Consistent with Molly's arrival, the grandparents had shirts...this time they said "M&M's Nanna/Pop/Annie/T".  They took me back to the OR without Rob, which I didn't remember from Molly's birth.  I felt like it was a long time before they let Rob in.  I got my epidural in the OR this time, too, and holding my hand was a nurse when I really wanted it to be my husband.  The epidural was the scariest part for me this time.  I worried that the DR would miss and I'd never be able to run after my babies.  I prayed the entire time.  The OR was COLD, too.  I'm talking COLD.  They put this plastic tube thing across my neck and blew hot air through it to warm me up.  It was sooo uncomfortable.  Finally, I'd had enough and asked them to take it off.  Actually, my exact words were - "This thing SUCKS.  Do I have to have it on?".  Everyone got a laugh out of that and they took it off.  Rob was finally let in the room.  Marlin arrived at 4:43AM (7lbs and 19.5 inches long) and Madeline (5lbs 13 ounces and 19.5 inches) arrived at 4:44am.  It wasn't the emotional roller coaster that delivery was with Molly.  I just wanted to hear them cry and for Rob to tell me they were perfect and healthy.  I remember being able to see them both if I looked to the right and Rob brought them to me.  It was a little chaotic with two babies because there were double the people in the room.  Their birth was beautiful and perfect in it's own way and one of the best moments of my life.  All of the anxiety I'd had about having 3 babies never crossed my mind once it was actually time to meet these perfect little people.

Like their sister, both babies nursed while we were in recovery, which was very reassuring for me.  I'd nursed Molly for a year and wanted to have the choice to nurse these babes, too.  We finally got out of recovery around 7:30AM and were taken to our room.  We got to play the lullaby twice for their birth :).  After a long night, our families finally met our babies.

Their names:

Marlin Samuel is named after my grandfather and uncle (Marlin) and Rob (Robert Samuel).  My Pawpaw was by far one of my favorite people ever.  He was funny, sweet, loving and strong.  He was a Navy veteran, a loving husband, a wonderful father, a doting grandfather, a brother, an uncle, a son, a father in law and a friend.  We were very close and I remember the day he died like it was yesterday.  I remember the last time I saw him and the hurt I felt when I could no longer hear his voice.  My childhood is filled with memories of my grandparents and the love that surrounded us.  My uncle, true to his name, is more like a brother to me and another of my favorite people on this earth.  What an honor it is to be able to name my son after these two wonderful men in my life.  Samuel because of Rob...his grandfather was also named Samuel.  Who wouldn't want to be named after their Daddy?  Our boy is one lucky fella to have such love in his name.

Madeline Louise is named after my sister, Mandie Louise.  Does this really need any explanation?  Mandie has always been my best friend and biggest supporter.  She always puts others (especially me) before herself and takes care of me like I'm her child instead of her sister.  Miss Madeline has a very special person to look after her always in her namesake.

For all of the anxiety I had this pregnancy about how I would handle it all...these sweet angels erased every ounce of that the minute I heard their first cries.  Welcome to the world my sweet babies!


  1. What a special story. All three of your little ones are precious. M & M are named after special people. What a neat story for them as they grow to know how they got their names.