Wednesday, January 25, 2012

432...or more

It has been almost 8 weeks since we had the twins.  Wow.  I can't remember life before them (well, it was kind of easier to only put one child in a car seat ;)).  They are such good babies and we (Molly) are all settling in and have gotten accustomed to the fact that they are not going anywhere.  It took a few weeks for Molly to get used to sharing Mommy.  The craziness of the best Christmas ever may have prolonged that...or maybe it helped.  Who knows?  Either way, we're as settled as we are gonna get I think in the department of not being the only child.  Everyone in our family is having to learn some patience...and we are all better for it!  The twins are doing great!  Madeline is proving to be my "easy" child (yes, I know that statement will bite me one day!) and Marlin is a new kid now that we are on Axid for reflux.  Some highlights of the past 7 and a half weeks:
  • Marlin was a lazy nurser and didn't gain back to his birth weight until he was 4 weeks old.  That created several doctor visits and lots of anxiety for this nursing momma!  However, once he got the hang of it...boy did he ever!  He gained 2 full pounds from week 6 to 8!  I think he's figured it out :). 
  • Madeline had already surpassed her birth weight by a full pound by week 4!  My little Pixie Fairy is turning into a Mighty Pixie :)
  • Molly hated Santa this year...I need to scan the picture and post it.  She loves him in books and is still talking about him, but hated that guy in person!  Ha!  It made for a funny picture, at least!
  • The holidays were crazy and wonderful.  Everyone came to us this year and it was SO NICE to not have to load everyone up and drive all over GA. 
  • We got a new car because the Tahoe wasn't working.  I painfully let go of the "Hoe" and am enjoying the easiness of putting the babies all right behind me and not having to crawl in the back to put Mad in the third row.  I think the Tahoe will always keep the place of my favorite car, though.  We are calling the new car Black Betty or the Secret Service vehicle :).  It's HUGE and jet black.  Barely fitting in the garage.  (can you tell getting rid of the Tahoe was a little traumatic for me?)
  • I am nursing the babies and they are eating pretty much every 3 hours.  I'm tired.  I'm thrilled that nursing is working...It's not the same as when I nursed Molly (it's kind of hard to relish when you have a 2 year old who wants to play while you are nursing!), but nothing is the same with your second (and third!) child.  It's different, but equally wonderful!
  • Rob is a rock star Dad and I couldn't survive without him.
  • Our parents are also rock stars and I may be wearing out my welcome sleeping over at my parents and Rob's parents may be getting tired of driving up here all the time...but I SO appreciate all of the help!
  • I go back to work March 5th.  VERY mixed emotions on that...but I do think we've found a nanny. 
  • Molly is a chatter box and HYSTERICAL!  She LOVES to hold hands and say the blessing at dinner.  Today Pop taught her to say, "Ready, Set, Go!"  She is a Pistol Pete and WONDERFUL.
  • Molly can COUNT!  And, she can say her ABC's!  (She repeats the letters and numbers after you).  Her favorite number is 2.  She wants 2 of everything. 
  • Marlin has been on reflux medicine for a week.  He's a new child.  It is WONDERFUL.  He has a mild case and not the spitting up kind, but oh was he fussy and uncomfortable.  And, he wouldn't sleep...unless he was being held.  I'm soooo thankful for the meds!
  • I am a totally different parent with the twins than I was with Moo.  For several reasons, I guess, but I'm much more laid back.  They sleep on my chest, are held when we are eating, sleep in the house with me and Molly in the backyard, have been out of the house 9 million times (Molly stayed at home for 6 solid weeks), etc.  I think I'm different with them (a) because I have Molly and I just can't be as regimented as I was with her and (b) because I've been here and done this before.  The nursing anxiety isn't there and I *sort of* know what I'm doing.  By all means, I am not a pro at this parenting business, but, Molly has turned out alright so far :). 
  • It's 11:10 pm and I have to wake the babies to feed them.  I'm exhausted.  I'm blessed beyond recognition.  I'm so very thankful for this wonderful, crazy, chaotic life that I'm living.  How did I get so lucky?
Oh, and 432 or more...yeah, that's how many diapers we used during the first 6 weeks with the twins.  And, that doesn't count the first 5 days that we were in the hospital!  Planning to have kids?  Pregnant?  Here's my some stock in Pampers :).

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