Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why was blogger down?

What was up with blogger being down last week?!  Don't they know we have important life events happening and we need to write them down?  I had a sad post to write, so I did, and I cried, and I felt better.  But, I do want to post it on the blog for my forever memory.  I knew losing Dr. Kort would make me sad, I guess I just didn't expect that his loss would have such an impact on my life.  But, now, I think - well, of course.  He saved me...he brought us Molly.  Of course it will impact my life forever...

Written May 12, 2011:
My girlfriend recently wrote a post about her son’s up-coming first birthday. She said, ‘It's so mind blowing to me how much my world has been turned upside-down and right-side-up again in just 365 days. I am truly complete now.’ She frequently brings me to tears with her eloquent and straight to the heart writing.

This week has been an emotional week with the loss of Dr. Kort. I went with a friend (and patient of his) to the funeral on Monday. It was a beautiful tribute to him, a beautiful service and a wonderful turn out of people whose lives he touched. He is responsible for over 10,000 babies in this world. What a legacy! His sons, wife, friend and Rabbi spoke at the service. Each were so eloquent and heartfelt. Each were clearly as heartbroken about his loss as the next. I wept openly and without shame. Within one year of meeting Dr. Kort, he saved me. He saved me from the angry, unhappy, unbearable person I was becoming from the total devastation of my infertile diagnosis. He saved my marriage from the depths of depression that we were suffering. With the hand of God, he created our wonderful, perfect, heaven on earth miracle, and saved us from a journey that dictated, by that point, half of our marriage.

I wonder how many families Dr. Kort saved. How many families he created. How many lives he fulfilled. He not only saved, created and fulfilled my family, but that of my parents, my in-laws, my sister’s family, our extended families. He saved us all from the sadness of what had become our reality. He made us complete.
‘It's so mind blowing to me how much my world has been turned upside-down and right-side-up again... I am truly complete now.’

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  1. Blogger sucks. And it's so hard when we lose the people who have had such impact on our lives. Yep. Our lives have turned upside down and right side up and the turning shall continue and continue I think.