Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Great Loss for All

As I sat feeding my little miracle breakfast this morning, I learned of some very sad news.  As many of you know, it took a very long 30 months for Rob and I to get pregnant.  After spending a year with a group of doctors in Atlanta, my friend recommended another doctor in Atlanta.  Rob and I met with him in the fall of 2008.  We were in love.  From the beginning, I called him my Knight in Shining armor.  I knew he would bring us the miracle we were praying for.  The next June, we were successful in our attempts to conceive with Dr. Kort.  With all my heart, I do not think we would have made it through infertility without him.  His bedside manner was the kindest, most compassionate, most genuine of any doctor I've ever encountered. 

Words cannot do him justice.  Words cannot express my deep sadness for the loss of this wonderful man.  The world lost a very wonderful man yesterday, May 6, 2011. 

Please keep Dr. Kort, his family and the family of RBA in your prayers.

Dr. Kort,

Without you my life would be so very different.  I look at Molly every single day and thank God for this blessing and miracle in my life.  Each night before I go to bed, I look at her and praise my many blessings.  Without you, I would not have this little angel in my life.  You helped Rob and I through some of the darkest days of our lives, and you did it with such compassion and genuine care.  You are a fixture in our family, a person whom everyone knows and loves, if they only know you by name.    I can never express my appreciation for you...

May you rest in peace and know that you will be greatly missed.

Much love,
Tara, Rob and Molly

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