Monday, July 8, 2013

10 minute Tuesday

What a fun Holiday weekend!  It's fair to say, that we are all still recovering this Monday!

Wednesday, I took the kids to our old neighborhood to visit with our favorite people there.  Clo-Clo and Molly picked up right where they left off, and it's so sweet.  They are like 2 peas in a pod.  The babies really aren't shy with her, either, which is fun.  It really is like our kids have 3 grandmothers.  Of course, I forgot my camera.  I have a few pictures from my phone and Flo took a few, too, so, I'll have to upload and post.  Blood isn't the only bind that creates a family, and our French family in Canton is proof of that!

We celebrated a RAINY fourth of July at home and then with friends for dinner.  On Friday my sister and nieces came for the weekend.  It's always so crazy and loud and chaotic when you have five kiddos under one roof, but, it's so fun.  And, that's what memories are made of :).  Molly and Brooke are so funny together - one minute having fun and the next screaming - ha - it's like we have 2 sets of twins!  They all really got along well, though, for the most part and Molly and Brooke did well sleeping together in Molly's room.  I think they were just so exhausted that they didn't have time to fight their sleep!  Sunday, Rob took the twins to the lake for a while and Molly and I had some time on our own.  I took her for her first mani/pedi.  She was such a good girl and so well behaved.

My last post landed me a pretty nasty email from someone who thought I was talking about her in my bullet about parenting advice.  It was super hurtful to me, and I'm trying to see that she had her feelings hurt too, but, it makes it difficult when you are attacked at such scale.  Writing for me is therapy, and it's been a long six months of having my feelings hurt and feeling as if I'm being criticized for every move I make - from several avenues in life.  The long and short of it, maybe I shouldn't have posted my bullets in the last post.  However, it's my blog, my feelings and my's my therapy.  If you think I need additional therapy, well, you are welcome to create your own blog and talk about me on it :).

This week, I'm letting it go.  I can't change you...nor do I want to.  If we were all exactly the same, felt the same, loved the same, hurt the same, well, it'd make for a pretty boring world.  I have this on a post it in my office (right below one that Emma drew that says "I love Tata" - man, I love that girl):

"It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate the silence, absence to value to the presence..."

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