Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kids are funny and other random thoughts

Pregnancy makes me hibernate.  Literally.  I would be content laying on the couch and just laying there...for  Alas, I have a full-time, pretty demanding job, a VERY active *almost* 17 month old (yes, I cried today when I scheduled her 18 month well check), a household to run, a husband to love, relationships to maintain.  I am pretty terrible at returning emails these days...and even worse at returning phone calls.  Some days, it's all I can manage to brush my teeth.  Other days, I am Miss Productivity...making lists of what we need to get before the twins arrive, ideas for Santa for all three of my babies, knocking it out of the park at work, keeping this house with 5 inhabitants picked up (yes - there are 5 of us already - me, Rob, Molly, Sidda and Buffett). so much.  Ah...tomorrow is another day.  I'm waiting for the 2nd trimester burst of energy...if you see it going by my house on the street, will you please point it in my direction? Thanks!

So, lately, Miss Molly Kate is just growing up right before my eyes.  I swear, if life had a slow motion button, I could literally see that baby girl getting taller.  I think I've said it before...but, I'm a bit neurotic, and I check on her every single night before going to bed.  I go into her room, rub her forehead or back or belly or booty - what ever I get to :) - make sure she's breathing, not running a fever and that her diaper hasn't leaked.  I tell her how much I love her and who will be "coming to play with her tomorrow" (either Nanna or Marie Claude - her two main caregivers while I am working).  Molly is communicating verbally more and more everyday. Here are some words she has currently mastered:
SHOE (we LOVE shoes)
Oww (like something hurts)
Jeff (Rob's brother)

She also has several "modified" words, but we know what she means!

Thank you - I can't even spell how it sounds...I've got to get it on's likely one of the sweetest words ever :)
oww - for Meow like a cat
SSsssi - for Sidda, our lab.  She actually just calls every dog SSsssi...

She's working on Clo Clo for Marie Claude, Annie...pretty much anything we say.  It's absolutely adorable.  However, we still do a lot of pointing and eehhh eehhh - ing.  Also, she's learned how to "pretend sleep".  She lays down and snores.  Absolutely adorable.  The girl has got some personality!

We gave up the bottle on Saturday - July, 2nd.  She isn't really digging milk from a sippy, so, it's been a week of a lot of cheese and yogurt.  However, tonight at dinner, she drank a lot of milk from a cup with a straw.  Then, we went to target and got some new sippys that I am only going to put milk in.  This way, she knows what beverage she can expect with each cup.  She typically gives you this look like, "What the hell is this?  I was expecting water" when she gets milk in her regular sippys.  We will see how it goes.  I am NOT going back to the bottle after this, though.  She'll learn to drink her milk - Mommy has a stronger will than she does!

So, yesterday, my sister and parents kept Molly at my sister's house while we went to the doctors.  Emma, my oldest niece, was so thrilled that the twins are a boy and a girl.  She can't wait to "wrestle" with a boy...NO IDEA where that idea came from...So, we were eating a snack and talking (Emma is my girl...we had 5 years of just us, so we are very close).  This was our conversation:

"Tata...can cousins get married?"
"No, baby.  That's called incest."
Emma - very confused look..."Oh."
Me: "But, cousins can be very best friends."
"Ok, then.  That will work.  Me and the baby boy are going to be best friends then."

I mean, really?  She loves me so much, that she already wants to marry my unborn son.  That girl...she melts my heart.  (Did I also mention that recently she's taken to sleeping with a picture of us?  O.M.G.    The girl loves me...and she gets it back two fold!).

The pictures from yesterday's ultrasound weren't that great.  Hopefully, next month we will have some scan worthy photos of the two little monsters!  I am so very thankful that my baby girl is healthy...and that these two gifts from God are growing on schedule and appear to be healthy, too.  We are truly blessed beyond belief.

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