Friday, April 22, 2011

What to feed 'em Fridays!

I have been slack in my What to Feed 'em Fridays category...Sorry Amy!!  This week, Molly tried Chick fil a lemonade for the first time.  It was a pretty big hit.  Considering that I could live off of Chick fil a these days, I'm sure the girl will love it, too (if only to survive).  What else did we have this week...macaroni and cheese (not a fan...), grapefruit (huge fan!), avocado (big fan), cheese eggs (more please), toast with butter...and I can't remember what else.

Clearly, we are good eaters in this house....
What?  You don't wear pants on your head for breakfast?
Let me tell you girl is her father's child.  Give her some bread or potatoes and some meat...that girl couldn't be happier.  Here is a recipe for some "sort of mashed potatoes plus veggies" that she really digs.

What you will need:
1 red potato, peeled and cut up
a few pieces of broccoli (or peas or green beans...whatever you have on hand)
some carrot cut up
a pot for boiling
a fork for mashing

Boil the potato until it's soft.  Then, toss in the other veggies  you want to add until they are soft.  Drain the water, mix with the butter and mash with a fork.  Sometimes, I add a little milk if it seems too dry.  Molly would eat this


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