Friday, November 12, 2010

Pictures of The Girl :)

As promised, here are pictures of "the Girl" as of late....
Mommy got a fancy new camera...
Emma had a soccer game
I had a good time with Nanna and Pop there!

The 3 Smith grand-girls!
I went to the Atlanta tradition!

We went to Cashiers, NC with our friends Tara, Jeff and Charlie

This is my buddy, Charlie.  He is almost exactly 4 months older than me...and our moms have been friends since middle school - wow, 20 years.  And, our moms share a name (and our grandfathers do, too.  The Tara's and the Larry's!)

My 8 month birthday!
Charlie turned 1...

And Dad gave me some ice cream to celebrate!
And, I went to LaGrange to meet my Aunt Cathy!

Mommy dressed me up in this tutu...

Visit from Aunt Dottee and Uncle Bob
Mom and Dad went to the UGA vs. Tenn. game and saw the other Tara!  I spent the night at the lake house with Annie and Tommy!
First ear infection...looks pretty sick, right?!
Dad got me this DAWG outfit...

Miss Flo gave me this onesie - "Wickedly Cute" - I think I represented it well!

 the Pumpkin and the Moo :)  Best friends.

I dressed up as the pumpkin, too....

Cows eat stuff like this, right?
awesome bib and headband from my Aunt Lori and Uncle Marlin!  Happy Halloween!
Brooke and Emma came over for Halloween

I trick or treated first at Lindsay and Jonathan's across the street....
Then, I surprised Clo Clo - she was surprised that a cow could be so cute!
she gave me a treat bag with a moo moo in it!
I saw my friends Jada and Jack...
and laughed at Lacey - Jennifer and Chad's dog.
just standing around in my boots with the fur...
Mom made this bib for me.
It was really cold, so I was all bundled up for a walk.
My thumbs wouldn't go in those mittens...

As you can see, we've stayed busy....


  1. Gosh! I can't believe how much Molly has changed! She's such a sweet happy beautiful baby girl! Love seeing pictures of answered prayers. :)

  2. She is so beautiful Tara! I know you are loving every minute of her!!!!