Monday, May 17, 2010

Molly's 2 month 3 months

I'm only a month late posting Molly's stats for her 2 month check up. Better late than never, I guess!

Length - 23 inches - 71st percentile

Weight - 11lbs 2.5oz - 55th percentile

Head circumference - 15 inches - 29th percentile

Diapers - size 1

Clothes - 0-3 months, 3 months

Sleep - 3 naps per day - 1 hour to 2 hours each

Bedtime - 7PM - sleeping until 1:30 or sometimes until 3:30, then back to sleep until about 7AM. She has slept through the night several times, though, and is getting more consistent with that!

Fun Facts about Molly to date:

Molly is a very happy and laid back baby. She loves her Baby Einstein play mat - especially the octopus! - and her swing. She smiles a ton - especially at Daddy when he gets home from work. She's cooing a lot and, again, especially when Daddy gets home from work! It's so cute - it's like she's trying to tell him all about her day! She wakes up super smiley and sweet, unless you wake her up before she's ready - and then she takes a few minutes before she'll smile at you. She pokes out her bottom lip when she cries...and arches her back when she stretches. She is wonderful in the car and really likes her mirror that plays music. She's discovered her hands and how tasty they are and is grabbing on to just about everything. Just in the past few days, she has started noticing her feet...I bet they will soon taste delicious, too! She enjoys sitting in her bumbo and has really started showing interest in stuffed animals. We recently introduced her to her Jumparoo and she's totally intrigued with that! She really likes music and sleeps better with background noise. She is still sleeping swaddled, but is busting her arms and legs out most nights. However, she rests better swaddled - and if we don't swaddle her when we put her down, she has a dance party and wakes herself up! I have a video of this that I need to post! I think Molly's favorite thing to do is to take a bath! I am looking forward to taking her to the pool in the evenings and seeing how she likes it - she really seems to enjoy the water!

Here is Molly on her 3 month birthday:

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  1. So precious and adorable! I loved reading her stats. Sounds like you have a fun and happy girl. :)