Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Molly 2 Months...

Man! I have been such a slacker at posting lately!

In the past month, Molly has been to the beach, Charlotte, had her first vaccines and started smiling!

First, we went to Orange Beach, Alabama where Molly met her (great) Uncle Marlin, (great) Aunt Lori, cousins Ian and Taylor, (great) Aunt Dottee and (great) Uncle Bob. She was so wonderful and had a great time! Here we are at Aunt Dottee and Uncle Bob's house:

At cousin Ian's soccer game (one of my FAVORITE pictures so far!!!)...

I will have to get some pictures from Charlotte from Rob's mom...but Molly had a great time visiting with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jeff (and Ann and Tom!).

Statistics from Molly's 2 month check point...

75% in height

55% in weight

4 vaccines - such a sad little girl for about 48 hours afterwards. She slept a TON and had an upset tummy for a few days.

Tomorrow is Molly's 3 month birthday and I am home from work. We will enjoy our birthday day and have a little party just the 2 of us!!!

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  1. Sounds like things are going great. :) She is oh so cute! :)