Monday, March 26, 2012

The (portable) DVD won't work until you are buckled in...and other half truths you tell toddlers

I am by far the worst Momma blogger in the nation these days.  You might wonder what I'm doing with all of this spare time on my hands.  The answer to that would be...enjoying these precious moments with these babies that are all growing up way too fast for my heart to handle.  I think about blogging pretty much everyday, but then it seems so overwhelming since it's, eh-um...Easter...and I haven't documented Christmas yet.  We may be reviewing Christmas in July, but, I'll get there.

Lately, I've been mastering my negotiation skills with half truths...these include, but are not limited to:

  • Honey, the DVD player won't work until you are buckled into your car seat.
  • The sun isn't out's not morning.  We need to go back to bed.
  • If you close your eyes, when you open them, we will be there!
  • Isn't this (Greek yogurt) such good ice cream?!
  • Daddy is night-night.  He can't come up here (again) to tell you good night.

Hey, man, don't judge.  It's the survival of the fittest in these parts!

In other news, I'm back at work.  I started my 4th week back today...and I'm on the bench.  Which means that I have no real role so, I'm working on "special projects", which means I should have already had time to catch the blog up if I had the motivation and didn't see it as such a daunting task!!!

Since I've last posted, we've (in somewhat chronological order):

  • Celebrated Christmas - Molly's 2nd and the twins 1st!
  • Celebrated NYE and had our 1st and 2nd date night since the babies
  • Organized the pantry (it was an exciting day!)
  • Gone to Molly's first Valentine's Dance
  • Started SMILING (the babies :))
  • Become friends with and on first name basis with the staff of CFA
  • Celebrated Molly's 2nd birthday
  • Spent the night in Macon - the first "travel" for our entire family (including the dogs)
  • Enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Festival on our "trip" to Macon (I am "quoting" trip and travel because Macon is only 2 hours away, but, it was a LONG 2 hours down there!  Ha!)
  • This Momma has gone back to work
  • Enjoyed an AWESOME time with good friends at a "Sip and See" to show off the twins
  • Gone to a bounce house - a first for Moo :)
  • Visited the Easter Bunny
  • Baptized the twins

We've been busy!  The twins are so wonderful and such good babies (thank the good, sweet Lord!).  Molly has adjusted to being 1 of 3 and we have settled into a nice routine.  Marlin's reflux is under control, Madeline is sleeping 12 hours relatively consistently (I wish everyone else would!), Molly is cutting 2 year molars (which is oh, so fun) and is talking in 2 - 3 word sentences!  She is a wonderful big sister and has started enjoying "helping" with the babies - taking diapers to the "ga-ga" aka trash and holding the bottles for them to eat.  We are still a breast feeding household, but not after some challenging days and supply issues, that we are *hopefully* past.  I have, however, relaxed and if they have to have a bottle of formula, then, that's ok, too.  Our life is LOUD, chaotic, crazy and hectic.  It's more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.
Daddy-Daughter Date Night at CFA

Two Month Photo Shoot!
Sweet girl at her first Valentine's dance!

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  1. They are all so precious and you are doing a great job! It goes so fast so do what you can with the blog. And, I love the half truths, they are told all the time around here too. Even Brice has caught on how to tell them. :) Thanks for posting pictures, love seeing them grow!