Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy 2 month birthday, Molly!

Tomorrow, Molly will be 2 months old. It's amazing how slow the last 2 months of pregnancy creep by...and how fast the first 2 months of being a mom fly by! I've learned so much over the past 2 has been the most wonderful, tiring, emotionally filled 2 months of my life.

A few things I've learned:
  • Just because poop is in the diaper, doesn't mean there isn't more on the way

  • girls can tee-tee all over the place just like boys

  • 1 spare outfit is never enough

  • breastfeeding is the most wonderful gift

  • a girl can never have too many clothes!

  • babies can wear spanx too! Note to self: a 2 month old has no business trying to wear a new born sized onesie...

  • Dad's don't understand how to stay up all night with a newborn and still function the next day, but that's OK. They understand other things...

  • Grandparents will likely never really follow Mom's strict schedule, and that's OK, too.

  • Grandparents are a God-send when Mommy needs a little it a nap or a trip to Target.

  • Trips to the beach with an infant aren't quite the same...but thankfully, grandparents are there to help.

  • Great Aunts and Uncles are super fun to meet :)

  • It REALLY CAN take 45 minutes just to get the car loaded for ... a trip to the grocery store.

  • Dogs REALLY DO become 2nd class citizens when a baby arrives.

  • Babies REALLY DO require lots of apparatus.

  • A Tahoe might be too small for a family of 3 on a road trip.

  • Breast feeding is sort of a pain on a road trip...

  • A baby does really change your life the minute they arrive.

  • You really never know how much you can love someone until you hold your child for the first time...

Happy 2 months Molly Moo!!! You changed my life and made it richer the moment you took your first breath...


  1. Such a sweet post. I love all the things you've learned in the past 2 months, as they are things I will have to learn as well. We prepare so much for the baby to come, but I'm realizing that when the baby does actually come, some of the schedules we envisioned will just have to change.

  2. Agreed!!!! What a precious gift! Would really like to meet her!!!